Hope Springs (2012)

Exclusive: Finally the movie uploading finished. I put it on 4shared.com so you’ll be able to download it from there! ^^ Here’s the link! Have fun! (: Also the DVD went out today, December 4, here are some vids with bloopers: Video Also the brand of the glasses Meryl wore is also revealed: “Hope Springs” – Meryl Streep’s glasses

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More vids were uploaded by Sony Pictures on the official “Hope Springs” website. Link

and some on Youtube:

The first trailer of the sex dramedy “Hope Springs” features Meryl Streep as Kay Soames, playing the role of an unhappy wife who  coerces her husband Arnold – Tommy Lee Jones, to a marriage counseling with Dr. Bernie Feld (Steve Carrell). The couple who has been married for more than 30 years lost the spark in their relationship along the way. In order to get it back, Kay decides to attend them a week-long retreat led by a renowned therapist. (Below you can see the trailer #1)

Directed by David Frankel (“The Devil Wears Prada“), the Sony film looks to be a sentimental romance with a dash of awkward sex comedy. Of course, with Streep starring, it’s probably worth seeing just to watch her work, her movie magic. The script is written by the “Game of Thrones” scribe Vanessa TaylorHere you can see the whole cast & crew. The MSN page for the movie.

On July 27 AARP published the second trailer of the movie, which you can see here. [Post(It wasn’t published on YT yet)

On July 11 Sony Pictures published the first TV spot. It is pretty short, only 33 seconds. To promote next month’s release of “Hope Springs”, offering lots of new scenes from the movie. You can check out it below:

Also the second TV spot was published, again 33 seconds:

On July 26 were published 2 new spots, which you can see below:

On july 28 Sony uploaded new TV spot:

2 new TV spots from August 4:

New TV spot from August 9 offering many new scenes, pieces from old ones too – some more inetresting! Watch here

New TV spot from August 20 below with new scenes and parts from old ones:

One great great Streeper recorded some parts of the movie while she was at the cinema (First read thisthisthisthisthisthisthisthisthisthis and this):

Also a whole new video, giving us a new scene with the 3 stars talking about Streep’ and Tommy’s characters’ first exercise. You can watch it here. [Post] And another one from August 8 (The USA/Canada release) offering us new scenes, new pieces from the old ones and new background music here. [Post]

The day after Meryl won the Oscar, pundits are already filling out their list of possible contenders for Best Actress. Needless to say, Meryl made it through most of the lists. Some people have seen “Hope Springs” for Meryl a la Something’s Gotta Give for Diane Keaton. Whether or not Meryl will really end up in Hollywood and Highland as a nominee for Best Actress and not a presenter for Best Actor, who knows. At this point, it is safe to say that this will be Meryl’s 8th Comedy Golden Globe nomination (the other seven are “She-Devil”, “Postcards from the Edge”, “Death Becomes Her”, “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Mamma Mia”, “Julie&Julia” and “It’s Complicated”) Originally attached to the project were Jeff Bridges and Meryl’s usual collaborator Mike Nichols. However, when Bridges backed out, Nichols followed suit. But the casting spotlight was not on Meryl, nor whoever would play Arnold, but on the therapist. He is the pivotal character in the movie. The announcement of Carell as Dr. Bernie Feld, was met initial skepticism. Anyway many are impressed with his performance judging by the trailer.

On Thursday in Las Vegas, Sony presented some footage from the upcoming dramedy as a part of its presentation at CinemaCon. Sony president of worldwide distribution Rory Bruer also presented footage from “Total Recall, The Amazing Spider-ManI, Men in Black 3” and James Bond entry “SkyfallA few months ago, the first draft of the script was leaked in the internet which I uploaded here. Before a week was published another script, a new one, with obvious differences and changes than the first. [link]

“Hope Springs” officially opened in theaters on August 8, 2012 (USA)! From August 11 The Hollywood Reporter published new article about the budget of the movie opened to $2.3 million at the domestic box office Wednesday, putting it on course for a modest five-day debut in the $15 million to $16 million range.

The film opened at 2,361 theaters and it scored a per-theater average of $959.00, the second highest for any film on August 8, eclipsed by another Streep release, “To the Arctic”. 

Box office grew to $71,650,101 worldwide till September 17.


Worldwide: $4,200,000
International: $2,400,000
Domestic: $1,800,000


Worldwide: $71,650,101
International: $11,200,000
Domestic: $60,450,101

More info

DVD and Blu-ray info:

Release date: December 4, 2012

Special Features:
– director commentary
– alternate takes
– a gag reel
– featurette “Inside the Perfect Marriage: Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones,” focusing on Arnold and Kay, the lead couple of the film

Exclusive to the Blu-ray are four additional featurettes:
– “An Intimate Look at Making Hope Springs” takes viewers behind the scenes of the film
– “An Expert’s Guide to Everlasting Passion” provides real marriage experts giving marital advice
– “The Dr. Is In: Steve Carell on Dr. Feld” features Carell explaining the research he did to prepare for the film
– “The Passionate Performer” provides an inside look at the acting career of Meryl Streep.


Box office report; “Hope Springs” on 4rd place budgetBox office explained: Bourne opens at top; “Hope Springs” – $15,6 M

Old people, old stars: Hollywood’s new hot demo is saving the Box Office

“Hope Springs” – $64,400,667 box office

Meryl on “The eye of the storm” premiere-Video; “Hope Springs” – $71,650,101 worldwide box office

Down below you can check out the dates for the release in each country:

Canada 8 August 2012
USA 8 August 2012
Hungary 9 August 2012
Israel 9 August 2012
Brazil 17 August 2012
Philippines 22 August 2012
Australia 23 August 2012
New Zealand 23 August 2012
Croatia 30 August 2012
Greece 6 September 2012
Portugal 6 September 2012
Slovenia 6 September 2012
Iceland 7 September 2012
Sweden 7 September 2012
Argentina 13 September 2012
Czech Republic 13 September 2012
Singapore 13 September 2012
Ireland 14 September 2012
Poland 14 September 2012
UK 14 September 2012
Poland 14 September 2012
Denmark 15 November 2012
Norway 21 September 2012
Germany 27 September 2012
Netherlands 27 September 2012
Finland 28 September 2012
Spain 28 September 2012
Finland 5 October 2012
Belgium 10 October 2012
France 10 October 2012
Hong Kong 18 October 2012
Italy 26 October 2012
Bulgaria 23 November 2012
Russia 20 December 2012

Someone uploaded the TV spot on Tumblr too.

Interview on the red carpet from the movie NY premiere on August 6:

Also there were already some interviews published for the movie which you can check below:

Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones – “Hope Springs”, interview!! (You can see it on the official Facebook page)

Sony published another interview, a second one:

3 new interviews from July 31 by Sony Pictures:

And an exclusive clip with a whole new full scene in the restaurant; Meryl and her ‘first time’ in “Hope Springs” [Post]:

A very tiny piece of the same interview was published on July 30 here. [Post]

Also an interview + behind the scenes pieces video:

Another video was just uploaded on YT offering us much of behind the scenes:

From August 1 there are 4 new vids –  interviews with Streep, Jones, Carell and Frankel:

And an interview piece again from the first one:

A new interview from August 6:

This one, part of the previous:

And one more:

New video with the interview with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones on Good Morning America was published on ABC News. Watch it here. An interview from the Charlie Rose show here. And new one from the ABC news hereGeeking out on: Meryl Streep

The interview from Charlie Rose show was uploaded on YT too:

2 new videos from the Charlie Rose show with Streep, Jones and Carell on Youtube:

2 new videos from August 9 – parts of the interview in The View show with Streep and Jones from August 8:

New interview from the red carpet, premiere, of the movie with Streep, Jones and Carell – video. [Post]

The Apple Store Discussion from August 5 was uploaded on iTunes here! Probably you need to be registered to download the two files, from here you can do this. It was uploaded on Videobam so you can watch it there too here. Also you can watch it on Youtube:

Dailymail also published an article about the event with many photos too. Writing about the cooking accident she had while slicing an avocado. Read here.

A very good Streeper has uploaded a recorded piece of the interview with Meryl Streep on Watch What Happens Live from August 9. The uploaded part is where Streep must ‘spill the tea’. The pictures from the event you can see at the end of the page. The video you can watch on her Tumblr here! The first and the second parts of the show is on Youtube already:

Another 4 big parts from the show were uploaded on Videobam. The show starts with showing fans reactions to her Oscar winning for “The Iron Lady”, obviously she is amazed by all this and really surprised too. The part when some fans are allowed to call during the interview is the “After show” part:





Another new part of the Watch What Happens Live you watch here. [Post] A little article + a vid (only in USA :/) on Yahoo. [Post]

Finally the full interview was published, long 21:45 you can watch it below:

And 2 new videos from the Press junket from August 5 here and on Youtube:

New video by Moviehole from the “Hope Springs” Press Junket from August 5 here. Another one from the same event on YT already:

And 2 new vids from the NY premiere on August 6:

New video on Youtube. Discussion with the writer Vanessa Taylor and the producer Todd Black from August 12, 2012 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater:

One new video from September 3 – part of one of the interview with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones:

A Streeper Karolina (she put it here, on the Meryl Streep forum) recorded another part of an interview that she watched on the TV. She uploaded it on YT. Actually the quality isn’t so good so you can watch it officially on the website here. The interview is in Polish so you may not hear what they are actually saying so she put a translation into the description of the vid here.

Finally we got a link to the un-dubbed interview in English which you can watch here.

New interview piece from September 11 on Lorraine. Had a live stream link but it wasn’t good so it’s uploaded by a Streeper on Youtube:

Yahoo published new piece from the above interview, it’s actually the press junket of “Hope Springs”, with Meryl and Tommy Lee. They share their opinions about the movie, more about the audiences and much more actually. I think that’s the longest piece from this for now. Y0u can read the article and watch the video here.

An interview with David Frankel below:

New video with interview with Meryl and Tommy Lee. Watch the video here.

Another video, it’s mixed up as trailer and interview pieces with the actors. The video is in German but the interview isn’t voiced.

New video – interview with Meryl and Tommy Lee, the questions are directly by fans. Watch it below:

New video, interview with Tommy Lee:

New video with Meryl and Tommy Lee from the press junket:

And another video (at the beginning it’s in German but then it’s the original..)

That’s behind the scenes one, wasn’t sure if it’s posted but anyway:

“Hope springs” eternal for Baby Boomer intimacy

“Hope Springs” will get the jump on the weekend, debuting on Wed. 8/8

Meryl Streep – Press Conference, “Hope Springs”

“Hope Springs” – new interview

Streep and Jones – secrets to the lasting mariege

Meryl Streep, “Hope Springs”, interview #2

Meryl Streep has nothing to fear but herself – interview, “Hope Springs”

“Hope Springs” – Q&A with the producers

Tommy Lee Jones opens up for “Hope Springs”

Generation All: Movies for Older, by the Younger, “Hope Springs”

Meryl Streep takes Tommy Lee Jones to bed in “Hope Springs”

“Hope Springs” – sexy senior moments

“Hope Springs” – new review and some more

Meryl Streep is youthful in vibrant red and fetching glasses at the premiere of sixty-something sex saga, “Hope Springs”

“Hope Springs” – David Frankel on sex scenes and Meryl Streep

“Hope Springs” for senior sex in Meryl Streep comedy

Streep, Jones offer new sort of romantic comedy

60 and sexless, but “Hope Springs” Eternal

“Hope Springs” – new reviews + interview

Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones get intimate in “Hope Springs”

Streep & Jones ‘Hope’ to avoid a certain question – Video

“Hope Springs”: Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep on sex scenes and the Suburbs

“Hope Springs”: Streep, Jones offer new sort of romantic comedy

“Hope Springs” – Marriage made in heaven

InStyle Germany – September 2012 – magazine scans, interview

“Hope Springs” – Streep relights the fire

“Hope Springs” – Meryl: Intimacy more taboo than sex

Meryl Streep relaxes into normal with “Hope Springs”

Meryl Streep: Women work harder for relationships

“Hope Springs” – Streep doesn’t have marriage tips

How Meryl Streep could save your marriage

“Hope Springs” – Streep relished ‘freedom’ in film

Meryl Streep: I was starstruck when I met president Obama and Michelle

Metro – Meryl Streep: “Hope Springs” is totally relatable, it’s a world I’m familiar with

“Hope Springs”, Streep: Hollywood ignores old people

The day Meryl asked her sex comedy film director – Can I have some kneepads?

Dailymail: “Hope Springs”, who would watch a drama about a couple with no sex drive?

Meryl Streep: “Sex is not a foreign planet”

“Hope Springs”, Tommy Lee Jones on Le Grand Journal

Meryl Streep, interview on Krone – “Hope Springs”

“Hope Springs” – 2 new articles

“Hope Springs”: Spouses need to have their own lives, Tommy Lee says

Meryl Streep on D Magazine, September 2012

“Hope Springs” – Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, interview

“Hope Springs” article – Glamour, Bulgaria

New reviews have been published too:

“Hope Springs” – Filmoghraphics

1st review

2nd review

3rd review

4th review

5th review

6th review

7th review

8th review

9th Review

10th review

11th review

12th review

13th review

14th review

15th review

16th review

17th review

18th review

19th review

20th review

21st review

22nd review

23rd review

24th review

25th review

26th review

27th review

6 more reviews

MSN Review

“Hope Springs” Press Conference – new article + photos

“Hope Springs” – 2 new articles, reviews, photos

Is Meryl Streep our generation’s next Helen Gurley Brown?

MSN: Meryl Streep – 12 great performances, photos

Current movie rating

Also some New photos, scans – Meryl Streep, “Hope Springs” press conference which are added in the gallery alredy.

And a post how to be on location with the movie here – Be on location, “Hope Springs”, Stonington Borough. Some interesting information about where you can meet the stars – “Hope Springs” take a coffee break at Yellow House.

Some people were interested in the book that Meryl read and you can see the title on one of the Promotional Stills where Meryl’s in bathroom reading and put some bananas next to her bag. Well a fan posted on Twitter the book uploaded online. You can see it here.








The pictures from the NY premiere from August 6 of the movie you can see here. [Post] The photos are about 300 so I can’t upload them all here… 😦

Also we’ve got some new pictures from the “Hope Springs” press conference, which you can officially see here, or down below:



Some new pictures from the movie Press junket:



New photos have been published from the interview in Good Morning America from August 7:



The official pictures from The View here:


And some from the Apple Store discussion, they are more than 100 pictures there so I won’t upload them all here, so you can check them out in this site.

Some more from “Watch What Happens” show from August 9:





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