August: Osage County (2013)

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IMDb: ‘August: Osage County’ – First release dates‘August: Osage County’ – Script, PDF

The comedy-drama focuses on an Oklahoma family, whose members have to get past their personal differences when the alcoholic husband of Streep’s character goes missing. Meryl Streep is set to play Violet, the pill-addled matriarch of the Weston family, who constantly butts heads with her eldest daughter, Barbara (Julia Roberts). Written by Tracy Letts, the play follows the Meryl’s character whose lives have splintered in many directions until a crisis brings them back to their childhood home and to the dysfunctional woman who raised them. Chris Cooper will play Streep’s brother-in-law – Charlie Aiken.

The first trailer for drama film “August: Osage County” is finally out! You can watch it on the ABC official website so far.

2nd theatrical trailer:

Exclusive clip [Post]: Video

New clip yahoo.

First on set interview with Meryl Streep:

Julia Roberts & Dermot Mulroney Talk Working With Meryl Streep In August: Osage County – Video

Press conferece:

Margo Martindale talks about her TV roles, Emmy win, new movie ‘August: Osage County’ and working with Meryl Streep. (“August: Osage County” starts at 16:36.)

Also it was reported that Andrea Riseborough will play Violet’s youngest daughter Karen, but soon after this news was confirmed she passed cause the dates didn’t work out so her participation is vaguely. [Post] It was published that Juliette Lewis will play the Riseborough’ role [Post] Also we have another piece news about who will play Roberts’ character daughter Jean – the play was assigned for Abigeil Breslin [Post] From July 26 were published new post, which reports that two-time Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson has been offered the role of Meryl Streep’s husband. [Post]

It was announced that Margo Martindale will play Meryl’s sister Mattie Fae Aiken. [Post] Misty Upham has joined the cast of the Weinstein Co. ensembler. She’ll play a college student who comes to work for Streep’s character. [Post] Also Ewan McGregor has joined the cast as Bill Fordham, Roberts’ estranged husband and Streep’s son-in-law, a college professor who left his wife for one of his students but wants to be there for his family. [Post]

Finally the role of Ivy was taken. Theatermania reported that Julianne Nicholson has joined the cast and will play the Ivy’s character. [Post]

Also you can read the script from the play but as much as I know the script won’t be change for the movie. You can read/download it from here.


Character Actor Result
Violet Weston Meryl Streep Confirmed
Barbara Fordham Julia Roberts Confirmed
Charlie Aiken Chris Cooper Confirmed
Karen Weston Juliette Lewis Confirmed
Jean Fordham Abigail Breslin Confirmed
Beverly Weston Sam Shepard Confirmed
Ivy Weston Julianne Nicholson Confirmed
Mattie Fae Aiken Margo Martindale Confirmed
Steve Heidebrecht Dermot Mulroney Confirmed
Little Charles Aiken Benedict Cumberbatch Confirmed
Johnna Monevata Misty Upham Confirmed

‘August: Osage County’ to go on more than 10 Film Festivals 2013 – Upcoming events

Aspen Film Fest – September 25-29
Hamptons International Film Festival –October 10-14
Napa Valley Film Festival – November 13-17
Lone Star Film Festival in Fort Worth – November 7-10
Chicago International Film Festival – October 10-24
California Film Institute and Mill Valley Film Festival – October 3-13
San Diego Film Festival – October 2-6
Austin Film Festival – October 24-31
New Orleans Film Festival – October 10-17
Hawaii Film Festival – October 10-20

The adaptation of Tracy Letts’ play revolves around the Weston family, whose members have to overcome certain differences when their alcoholic patriarch goes missing.

Jean Doumanian and Harvey Weinstein will produce. John Wells will direct. George Clooney and Grant Heslov joined Steve Traxler and Jean Doumanian as producers. The photoshoots will begin in August 2012. The release date was going to be December 31st, 2013 but now it’s changed to 8th Nov, 2013 [IMDb]. For now official site isn’t available. Studio – The Weinstein Company. A little more information from August 11 here. [Post]

Production Stills:

AugustOsageCounty-Stills-040 AugustOsageCounty-Stills-030 still01010 AugustOsageCounty-Stills-050 AugustOsageCounty-Stills-060

Q&A photos:

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

(Original size – here)

Press conference photos:

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

(Original size – here)


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A thank you ad from the film’s cast and crew of “August: Osage County”:

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Meryl Streep attends August: Osage County Press Conference in London – October 23, 2013

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Meryl Streep from ‘August: Osage County’ and ‘Into the Woods’

Director John Wells comes home to talk Meryl Streep and August: Osage County

‘August: Osage County’ director, cast on dinner with Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep attends ‘August: Osage County’ Press Conference and Q&A in NYC – November 25, 2013 – Photos and videos; Talks ‘Into the Woods’

‘August: Osage County’ spotlights Meryl Streep as a manic matriarch


An interview with Julia Roberts from March, at the beginning she’s talking a bit for her movie “Mirror, mirror“, but after 2:50 she’s talking about her role in “August” and the opportunity to work with Meryl. She seems so excited (well it’s understandable 😀 ) and happy by this fact:

On August 3 Sun Times published an interview with Streep, mainly talking about her movie with Tommy Lee Jones “Hope Springs”. She mentions “August” too [Post]:

Her next role is based on a Steppenwolf play. She’s playing Violet Weston in “August: Osage County” due out in 2013 and co-starring Julia Roberts and Juliette Lewis.

The film is based on the Tracy Letts play about a family facing their differences when their alcoholic patriarch disappears.

I’m playing a woman who is a chain-smoking pill addict who has mouth cancer,

she says in a delighted voice.

It’s set in a house in Oklahoma with all the shades drawn and the windows sealed up tight.

A piece from August 14, read below [Postread full]:

Freihofer Casting will hold an open call for extras for the upcoming feature film “August: Osage County“. The open call will be held Saturday, August 18, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm in Tulsa, OK.

The film, starring Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, is scheduled to shoot in Oklahoma beginning in late September.

Oklahoma Casting Director Chris Freihofer said the film will need various extras during the first few weeks of filming.

“We do not need babies or toddlers, but we would like to add anyone else to our pool of possibilities,” Freihofer said.

August: Osage County” is a drama written by Oklahoman Tracy Letts and directed by John Wells. It tells the story of The Weston family, who come together when their alcoholic patriarch goes missing. The film is based on Letts’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play.

Extras will be paid to appear in the film. (…)

New article from August 15 here – “August: Osage County” signs up Dermot Mulroney. Dermot Mulroney is heading to Oklahoma. Joining the cast of August: Osage County, the actor will be going to the state this fall to start filming on the John Wells-directed film. Mulroney will play Steve in the adaptation of Tracy Letts’ 2008 Pulitzer Prize winning family clan play. Steve is the not-quite-who-he-seems businessman fiancé of Karen, the self-deluding youngest daughter of the family. [Post]

New article from August 17 announced that the movie open casting call location has been changed:

A local hotel was announced as the venue earlier this week, but casting director Chris Freihofer said that a move to the mall, located at 4107 S. Yale Ave., allows those interested both more parking and accessibility.

“We want to ensure a fun, positive, comfortable experience for everyone involved, and our friends at the Promenade Mall were happy to accommodate us,” he said in a press release on Thursday.

The casting call is still scheduled for 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, with the production seeking a variety of people to play extras during filming, which is scheduled to begin Sept. 24 in the Pawhuska and Bartlesville areas.

Read more

After the news from August 17 (read above), for changing the movie open casting call location [Post], now was published online another article with a video where you can see the Boulanger home – the location itself. A tiny piece from the article you can read below (Here you can read the full article and watch the video):

PAWHUSKA, Okla. – Hollywood stars like Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts will soon call Green Country home – at least for a little while.

Filming will begin next month on their new movie, “August: Osage County“. On Friday, 2 News got an up-close look at the Boulanger House, which is where the movie will be set.

Located north of Pawhuska, the large ten-room home was built for Isaac Walter and Grace Boulanger in the 1910’s. The home was designed by Sears, Roebuck and Company. The home was constructed for about $5,000. [Post]

2 new articles + photos about the casting call location – The Boulanger house here.

On August 24 Hollywood reporter published new article reporting that the “Sherlock” star Benedict Cumberbatch is in talks to join in the TWC’s adaptation of the Pulitzer – and Tony-winning play “August: Osage County”. [Post] One day after Huffingtonpost posted an article that according to the Hollywood Reporter he confirmed that he’ll join the cast [Post]:

The highly anticipated film adaptation of “August: Osage County” has lured in Hollywood heavyweights Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Chris Cooper so far, but its newest addition to the cast is a bit more… mysterious. Benedict Cumberbatch, the Emmy-winning star of BBC America’s “Sherlock“, is in negotiations to join the cast according to the Hollywood Reporter, becoming the first Brit of the bunch.

The adaptation of the Pulitzer and Tony winning play will star Streep as a dysfunctional mother whose fractured family returns home in a time of crisis. Cumberbatch will play her nephew “Little” Charles Aiken, a sensitive and clumsy character who was referred to in the play as an unemployed screw-up. “August” will be directed by John Wells and George Clooney is among its producers, so Cumberbatch is in good company.

Read full article

On August 27 Variety published an article which reports that Sam Shepard is in talks to join the cast. He’ll play Streep’s character husband – the alcoholic patriarch of the Oklahoma family. (Read more here)

Also that’s what Juliette Lewis tweeted on September 21:

One of my fave moments at rehearsal yesterday; Julia Roberts says, as Meryl Streep leaves the room.. “Thats Meryl-fuckin-Streep”.

See the tweet here.

New article that mentions a video with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts from on set perhaps. Still there’s no video but it seems there will be. Fingers crossed and that’s the piece about it:

The last video had to be the best: Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep in dark wigs, on the set of a movie they’re shooting, with Dermot Mulroney accompanying them on acoustic guitar and singing a song about Huvane keeping them on hold while he deals with “Sarah Jessica and Nicole.”

“Kevin, I want to hear your voice on the phone,” sang Streep. At the end, with the crowd in stitches, Roberts pulled off her wig, while Streep was unable to detach hers. “It’s not fair!” she cried, cracking up the crowd even more.

Read full article

And another article mentioning the video. Still only information without the video itself:

At the conclusion of the video, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts appeared from the set of August: Osage Country to literally sing Huvane’s praises. “Kevin, I said Kevin, please let me know a time when he could speak,” the former sang into a prop phone. “Sooner rather than later or next week. It’s Meryl, from the poster, Meryl Streep. Sarah Jessica, Nicole, they’re all on hold, you pick me up when I’m about to fold, and you take my calls even though I’m so old.” Together, the Oscar- winning actresses sang, “You walk the red carpet with me, in sweet harmony, in your Armani.”

Read full article

Carter Burwell is scoring the upcoming drama August: Osage County. The film is directed by John Wells (The Company Men) and stars Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch, Margo Martindale, Juliette Lewis, Abigail Breslin, Ewan McGregor, Dermot Mulroney, Julianne Nicholson, Misty Upham and Sam Shepard. The movie is based on the Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning play by Tracy Letts (BugKiller Joe), which follows the strong-willed women of the Weston family who revisit their Midwest home when their alcoholic patriarch goes missing. Letts has also written the screenplay and Harvey Weinstein and Jean Doumanian (Sweet and Lowdown) are producing the film with George Clooney & Grant Heslov (ArgoGood Night, and Good Luck).

August: Osage County is set to be released on November 8, 2013 by the Weinstein Company.

He previously “worked with Meryl” on Adaptation and Hope Leaves the Theater.


Meryl Streep coming up, going, ‘Oh my God, we’re such big fans. We love you as Sherlock. How do you f***ing do that s***?’ And then Ted Danson – going, ‘Oh my God, it’s f***ing Sherlock.’  ”

Benedict mimes being trapped between Sam Malone from Cheers and Mrs Kramer from Kramer vs. Kramer, both of them freaking out, with him in the middle, mind blown. “Getting advice from George Clooney, on how to handle all of… this.” He stretches his hands out, to represent the past three years.

As luck and Hollywood would have it, he then spent autumn 2012 shooting the forthcoming “August: Osage County” with Streep – plus Julia Roberts, Juliette Lewis and Sam Shepard.

He describes acting opposite Streep. “Her character is suffering from oesophageal cancer, smoking like a chimney, high on downers, behaving like the most monstrous matriarchal pterodactyl you can ever imagine. And none of us could act opposite her. None of us. We all, one at a time, went up to her and said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t act around you because… I can’t stop watching you. We all want to watch you.’ 

The American elections occurred while they were shooting. He gets his iPhone out, and shows shots of Roberts and Streep posing for their own “Yes We Can”-style election posters. As results came in and Obama pulled ahead, they were all screaming at the television.

Eventually, he and Streep were the last ones up, in a Marriott hotel in Oklahoma, “bumping fists when he won”.


And finally we’ve got the first pic of Meryl as Violet:

New photos of Meryl and Julia, on set:


On set photo with Meryl was tweeted by Misty Upham, finally! ^^



The wrap party, here’ the first pic of Meryl:

New photo has been tweeted by Juliette perhaps from the wrap party with Meryl and Margo:

On set photo with the cast and crew:

A photo where you can recognize Meryl talking next to the car:


And a new one with Meryl, Julia, Juliette, Julianne and Ewan from this source:

New photo/tweet by @jdwohlge:


Also some photos of the ‘background’ and on set. You can see all the pics here, the tweets by the photographer herself @BvilleBabez.

Some more pics from the set, but without Meryl as well:


New photos from on set from “August: Osage County” but only with Ewan, Abigeil and Dermot, no Meryl yet. 😦


And some of them again and the director John Wells:


1st (Also an article), 2nd

And here’s a video with more pics. Link

And some more and one with Julia Roberts too:



And Ben Cumberbatch here. Benedict, Chris and George here.

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