Meryl Streep attending the 58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards – May 20, 2013 – Photos

Meryl Streep attended the 58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards on May 20, 2013. Here are some photos from the event.


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@Obbie Awards – just spoke w Eddie Falco. Long talk about Nurse Jackie. Meryl Streep was not doing interviews…..


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Here’s Meryl Streep with Jessica Hecht and @jeremyshamos#obies


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Ladies and gentlemen this is Meryl Streep #ObieAwards


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Meryl Streep at the Obie’s 

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Meryl Streep at the #obies 

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Best of the best. villagevoice Obie Awards given by Meryl Streep. @ Webster Hall


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Meryl Streep, Duncan Sheik, and more: Announcing the 58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards – May 20, 2013

Meryl Streep will be presenting the Obie Award for Lifetime Achievement to Lois Smith and Francis Sternhagen (May 20, 2013). Article:

Meryl Streep Headshot 2011_300.jpgGuess I’m giving a party on May 20th. I hadn’t been thinking about this year’s Obie Awards. I was too busy getting depressed about the state of the theater. (It’s a known fact that critics always get depressed about the state of the theater.) So the theater, that tricky place, decided to cheer me up, by letting me know about some people who’ll be coming to my party. And suddenly, my life is about to be filled with all these wonderful people I love – the kind of people who make the theater a joy to write about, and rescue critics from depression.

Jessica Hecht, Jeremy Shamos, Bobby Cannavale, Maggie Grace, Judith Light, Aasif Mandvi, Krysta Rodriguez, Duncan Sheik, Courtney B. Vance: That’s a list of names that could cure anybody’s depression. The best part is, they’re the hosts and presenters for the awards ceremony, so they’re the ones who do all the talking. I don’t even have to worry about getting tongue-tied in their presence–which I usually do in the presence of fabulous artists. Oh–and did I mention Meryl Streep? Well, I’m one of the few who doesn’t get tongue-tied in the presence of Meryl Streep. She and I go back a long way–back to when she was a tiny child at the Yale School of Drama and I was already, as all critics always are, a very, very world-weary old man. I once directed a children’s show in which she–but I think I’ll save that story, in case I actually have to speak at the ceremony itself.

obieshot_560.jpgMeryl will be presenting the Obie Award for Lifetime Achievement, and she’ll be presenting it to two artists who’ve spent their lifetimes helping me and the rest of the critical corps stave off our collective depression about the theater: Lois Smith and Francis Sternhagen. It makes me happy just typing those names–and seeing them onstage makes me even happier. They’re both much younger than I, of course.

So I plan to spend the next seven weeks looking forward to a wonderful party: the 58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards. Now that you know who’s going to be there, you’ll probably want to buy yourself a ticket too. As chairman of the awards committee, I get a comp, of course–but that’s why people become theater critics, isn’t it?

Recalling the Great, Great PR Woman, Lois Smith

So it was a weepy get-together at the 92nd Street Y where such as Meryl Streep and Rosie O’Donnell got into a semi-loving-correcting contretemps onstage over another actress, Claire Danes. (All I can say is that Lois Smith would have loved every moment of this friendly “argument.” Lois was such an “innocent” in her embracing positive motherly manner that she once looked at me in amazement when I told her one of her clients had used cocaine right in front of me. “Really, Liz — I never suspected that!” said Lois. She left it at that and to my conscience. I didn’t print it.)

Anyway, I found it pretty remarkable and appealing that another Smith — Lois — could be eulogized in person by the mistress of all she surveys, Oscar-and-every-other-kind-of-winner Meryl Streep. (Streep was formidable and the best of most speakers at the recent Nora Ephron memorial and she out-does herself informally time after time!)

At the Y, it all began with emcee Rosie O’Donnell. She was wearing red, imitating Lois who was famous for the scarlet coat she wore on the red carpet so her celebrity clients could easily find her.

Rosie opined that she hoped Lois “was up there” talking with Marilyn Monroe and with Nora Ephron taking notes. Then, Rosie segued into a bit about whether Claire Danes now employs a lisp on the TV series Homeland.

This was followed by Lois’ former partner Leslee Dart reminding that Lois called those she loved by the pet name, “Ducks!” (She had sprayed the premises with Lois’ favorite, Joy perfume!) Ms. Dart won applause by noting that the PR industry should follow Lois’ lead and “be less self-centered, and kinder” … Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers made some funny remarks… there was a song from Mandy Patinkin. Then — I think it was then, this was all interrupted by Streep who defended Danes, saying that the latter “had her mouth taped up for two days — and she’s pregnant — you get a pass!” Rosie yelled from backstage, “Sorry!”

In speaking, Streep said something to the effect that, in the past, “… This is hilarious; people wanted to preserve their privacy and Lois seemed to think this was reasonable. “She credited Lois with giving her own family a private life before the era of cell-phones and 24/7 entertainment-media tweets!
When Rosie got on to close, she remarked on “being dissed by Meryl Streep at a memorial.”

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Meryl Streep Speaks, Mandy Patinkin Sings at Lois Smith Memorial

It was one of the most moving and heartfelt salutes I’ve been to ever: a memorial for the greatest press agent/publicist of them all, Lois Smith. After the event that was held last month in L.A. I didn’t think we could do better. But Leslee Dart put it together, and Rosie O’Donnell hosted it at the 92nd St. Y in a bright red jacket to toast our pal Lois, famous for the red coat and the red lipstick.

Meryl Streep spoke, Mandy Patinkin spoke, and sang from “Sunday in the Park with George”; Lois’s actress daughter Brooke and her publicist granddaughter Brianna (both chips off the old block) reminisced, fighting back tears; Peter Travers or Rolling Stone represented the press and did a great job, making me recall our good old days at the original Russian Tea Room. Robert Redford’s name was invoked a lot was Robert Altman’s.


“She had this idea that we could have personal lives,” Streep observed. And by the way, Meryl looked really stunning, very slim, and fashionable, just like a movie star. Then she stayed and gabbed with everyone, and had a nice long chat with McDormand during the small reception.

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