Meryl Streep, Duncan Sheik, and more: Announcing the 58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards – May 20, 2013

Meryl Streep will be presenting the Obie Award for Lifetime Achievement to Lois Smith and Francis Sternhagen (May 20, 2013). Article:

Meryl Streep Headshot 2011_300.jpgGuess I’m giving a party on May 20th. I hadn’t been thinking about this year’s Obie Awards. I was too busy getting depressed about the state of the theater. (It’s a known fact that critics always get depressed about the state of the theater.) So the theater, that tricky place, decided to cheer me up, by letting me know about some people who’ll be coming to my party. And suddenly, my life is about to be filled with all these wonderful people I love – the kind of people who make the theater a joy to write about, and rescue critics from depression.

Jessica Hecht, Jeremy Shamos, Bobby Cannavale, Maggie Grace, Judith Light, Aasif Mandvi, Krysta Rodriguez, Duncan Sheik, Courtney B. Vance: That’s a list of names that could cure anybody’s depression. The best part is, they’re the hosts and presenters for the awards ceremony, so they’re the ones who do all the talking. I don’t even have to worry about getting tongue-tied in their presence–which I usually do in the presence of fabulous artists. Oh–and did I mention Meryl Streep? Well, I’m one of the few who doesn’t get tongue-tied in the presence of Meryl Streep. She and I go back a long way–back to when she was a tiny child at the Yale School of Drama and I was already, as all critics always are, a very, very world-weary old man. I once directed a children’s show in which she–but I think I’ll save that story, in case I actually have to speak at the ceremony itself.

obieshot_560.jpgMeryl will be presenting the Obie Award for Lifetime Achievement, and she’ll be presenting it to two artists who’ve spent their lifetimes helping me and the rest of the critical corps stave off our collective depression about the theater: Lois Smith and Francis Sternhagen. It makes me happy just typing those names–and seeing them onstage makes me even happier. They’re both much younger than I, of course.

So I plan to spend the next seven weeks looking forward to a wonderful party: the 58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards. Now that you know who’s going to be there, you’ll probably want to buy yourself a ticket too. As chairman of the awards committee, I get a comp, of course–but that’s why people become theater critics, isn’t it?

OSCARS: 2014 Academy Awards Set For March 2

The later date for 2014 is not a surprise, with the January 16 nominations announcement coming a week later that the just-completed Oscars. The shift comes thanks to the Winter Olympics being held in Sochi, Russia from February 7-23. If the Academy had kept its traditional last-Sunday-of-February slot, the 86th Oscars would have conflicted directly with the Closing Ceremony. With no such obstacle in 2015, the 87th Oscars will return to its normal routine and is set for February 22. Here’s the official release with all the dates:

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the ABC Television Network today announced the dates for the 86th and 87th Oscar® presentations. The 86th and 87th Academy Awards® will air live on ABC on Oscar Sunday, March 2, 2014, and February 22, 2015, respectively.

Key dates for the Awards season are:

Saturday, November 16, 2013: The Governors Awards

Monday, December 2, 2013: Official Screen Credits due

Friday, December 27, 2013: Nominations voting begins

Wednesday, January 8, 2014: Nominations voting ends 5 p.m. PT

Thursday, January 16, 2014: Oscar nominations announced

Monday, February 10, 2014: Nominees Luncheon

Friday, February 14, 2014: Final voting begins

Saturday, February 15, 2014: Scientific and Technical Awards

Tuesday, February 25, 2014: Final voting ends 5 p.m. PT

Oscar Sunday, March 2, 2014: 86th Academy Awards

Oscar Sunday, February 22, 2015: 87th Academy Awards

The 86th and 87th Academy Awards ceremonies will be held at the Dolby Theatre™ at Hollywood & Highland Center® in Hollywood, and will be televised live by the ABC Television Network.

Official Article

Meryl Streep: I hope to play a Chinese woman once

Since ‘The Iron Lady’‘s premiere in China’s gonna be this month, on 27th of Jan Meryl sent a letter to her fans there:


And she was also interviewed so here are some translated articles and also a bit of the interviews with her:

Remember last year’s Academy Awards ceremony, Meryl Streep biopic of Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady: sturdy tenderness” (hereinafter referred to as the “Iron Lady”) won the third seat Oscar movie finalized in the March 8 release in mainland China. Last night, nominated for an Oscar 17 times, has 63-year-old Meryl Streep received phone calls from reporters in Beijing Amanpour interviews, as long as an hour and a half.

Interview Meiyi “Turning own interpretation of how Margaret Thatcher, praised Anne Hathaway’s growth, very jealous joke daughter with Ang Lee’s cooperation, even his later years she also bluntly afraid of being forgotten, also joked that hope to play a Chinese woman. She thanked the face of change, and also thank you now willing to look at their own face.

[About] the “Iron Lady” Thatcher] no way of knowing Margaret Thatcher, I have not seen the film

13 hours of the time difference between Beijing and New York, “Meiyi” there at 8 o’clock in the morning, the delay of overseas telephone calls to reporters to wait two minutes, she was up on the humility politely apologized to explain by reason because the U.S. storm impact.

As “Iron Lady”, the biopic, the biggest difference is the prototype still alive, experienced Streep admit that they are under great pressure, but the staff around a big help. “The team has a lot of very close with Margaret Thatcher, and work together for a long time people. Ridden in the past three years, Margaret Thatcher, I have been ill, she was no longer in the public eye. Production team on her political aspect is not particularly interested in the movie itself shaping Margaret Thatcher is positive, objective and correct, let her win respect, although there is little dispute. “But unfortunately, she has no way of knowing Margaret Thatcher I have not seen the movie, “Her body is relatively weak, so we do not have access to information producer before release in fact, to the family of Margaret Thatcher provides the opportunity to see films.

As an American, played an iconic British Streep in the casting auditions in the UK experience hundredfold controversy. However, she bluntly already acted in many countries, but also jokes that their influence is strong to these countries do not care about her nationality. “In fact, I as a non-British outsider to see a whole new view of non-own culture, which is an advantage, the Americans play the British have more freedom to interpret, and this year for best actor individuals, speech Lincoln, in fact, he is an Englishman. “she said with a smile also expected to play a Chinese woman, not a difficult nationality.

“Iron Lady” had commented that in addition to Streep’s performance, other aspects are more mediocre, Streep admitted that this depends on the gender perspective, “women better understand some of the issues discussed by the movie, including to life is coming to an end, the epiphany of life, to explore the topic of the mother and daughter, to explore the topic of marriage. many film critics are men, they have the right to speak is the author of, see Margaret Thatcher did not address political thing, also did not discuss historical events, I felt the the shortcomings children what gave a negative assessment. movies in the United States is more concerned about the game, or violence, while women care more about the personality of the character itself. “she was also delighted The film was released in the Chinese Women’s Day, “often women can not become leaders, but women in today’s society have a broader impact, Hillary Clinton says women can hold up half the women enough to allow the community to achieve prosperity degree is female prosperity and social prosperity, and women do not prosperity, social prosperity. “

Just finished this year, the Oscar she also revealed he had just the night drove to New York from Los Angeles, fairly tiring, but she jokes that do not have to attend the ceremony after the party, there’s music does not fit my taste, always some di Hall of Music. “Oscar after being nominated 17 times, Streep bluntly” Of course, I want more Oscars.

Last year, she was Oscar, humorously called everyone will complain about “how she, this year’s Oscar awarded to the first 90 Houzhannifu Lawrence, Streep frankly actress nominated this term female The performers are very exquisite, Lawrence performances in that age group is in place, and very convincing.

Best Supporting Actress Anne Hathaway has worked with Streep, accepting the award, she said with a smile Fortunately Meiyi did not get the nomination. Speaking of Annie growth of the past few years, Streep said Anne continuous self-development, “she gives the public image is very sweet, very feminine, the early years of” Rachel’s Wedding “, she played the role of great also compare staunch character type, since the movie her image large change her sing that song again by the very touching her performances, she has continued energy and ability “in” Les Miserables “.

Streep has two daughters worked hard in showbiz, but her daughter does not need her to many performing arts recommendations. Eldest daughter Pearl barley Gudme starred in Ang Lee’s “Woodstock” Streep admitted that her daughter never complained about Ang Lee is very strict, he is still very jealous cooperation with Ang Lee thing, I hope one day to cooperate with him. “Ang Lee is particularly talented, very smart people think he accomplished, the most important is the range of styles, each one is different, I also really like the” Young School “, is the most amazing one Every movie and every movie is different, people feel the changes which have surprises. Quentin is a high-profile person, Ang Lee is particularly reluctant to highlight the people, especially the low-key and especially humility. “

The interview was an hour and a half, far more than expected. “Iron Lady” itself is 63 years old this year, her own mind them, but also that he is over 40 years old like. She said with a smile with Thatcher closest feature is the “boss style” But the other side to do a lot of choices of life and death, the leadership of a country’s 11-year-old woman is no way myself this level compared themselves more Like reading a book in the fireplace while watching. She also jokes that he is no way to play like the 007 like action movies or science fiction film, a science fiction film means to keep the green screen or on the ground a plug point play, and I hope to communicate interaction and actor. When asked if they would like to own director, she jokes that he is more focused director to worry about too many chores.

Last year’s winners, “late bloomer” Streep said he could no longer board this stage, but she also bluntly a female actor to after the age of 40, his career is basically the end of, but she could still received such a good role. “There are a lot of people are willing to tell the story of women, and the stories of older women, and we all know that the subject matter is not so good to make money, this was like a miracle, but there are constantly people come to me, but also a very good role . “

Streep very grateful that we continue to see her films, in fact, he is very surprised everybody willing to look at her face. “I do not regret the face of change, because there are many actresses fear old, but has been the face of transformation and change, so she is more capital telling a different story.”

Turning to the status of his old age, and she laughs that he is not afraid of being overlooked by the audience, but hope so. Her work a very long time, and just finished filming a new movie called “August”, after also in do late dubbing, publicity and promotion. In addition, she will read some of the script stage play. She has a movie “Family Guy” will begin shooting in May, the musical “Into the words” probably start in October, in which she plays a beautiful witch, now practice singing.


In February 2012, a story about a biopic of British history, the only female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady: rugged tenderness” (hereinafter referred to as the “Iron Lady”), actress Meryl Streep (plum aunt) third degree awarded Oscar winner. More than a year later, the movie finally meet on March 8 and the Chinese mainland audience. Two nights ago, living in New York, Meryl Streep received several media interviews over the phone. She quite understand China’s “national conditions”, says with a laugh waiting time is a bit long, but know there are restrictions on imported films, “to become one of the restrictions have been very satisfied”.

Part1 An hour and a half long interview, talked about the wide range of topics — from Oscar to the “Iron Lady” to her over sixty years of living and working, Meryl Streep speak freely answer questions, always timely to throw some jokes, the phone was heard from her hearty laugh. Legend behind the Hollywood actress, she also has qualities are not familiar with the outside world — such as a sense of humor, such as affable, such as the extraordinary true …… written: Southern Reporter Zhu Yanxia intern Yuan-Yuan Ji

Reviews Oscar

Jealous daughter cooperation and Ang Lee’s also want Oscar trophy!

17 Oscar nominations, three times winner of the Best Actress honor resume as early as Meryl Streep and Oscar had a close relationship. In the just-concluded 85th Annual Academy Awards, she also did not absent, but this is the guests of honor attended as awards for the current winner Daniel Day-Lewis.

For most fans, the second Oscar is the most talked about Chinese director Ang Lee won the Best Director Award at the scene to witness Streep also talked about her impression of the director , also revealed that Zengyin daughter and Ang Lee has worked very jealous, “In fact, my daughter used to working with Ang Lee (” Woodstock “), I was very jealous of her (laughs). think Ang Lee is a very talented, very smart director his work styles, “Brokeback Mountain”, “The Ice Storm” to “Youth camp”, every different theme, but he can manage freely, did a great job. “Junior School” I love it too, I feel the magic works. “In addition to the works of Ang Lee’s greatly appreciated, Streep also Ang Lee humility appreciate the character, “Ang Lee is a very humble person, not as high-profile as Quentin (Note: American director Quentin Tarantino), he particularly reluctant to highlight their own. liked Ang Lee, also very willing to cooperate with him. “

Last year on the Oscar stage, Streep by virtue of the “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher of the iceberg won Best Actress trophy, she sighed and said: “I wish I never got this podium “like to meet, but also like the future aspirations actress things hope. In this regard, she says with a laugh: “Of course you want more awards (laughs). Was really excited I was 40 years old when feel that his career is not to the end, did not think I was 50 years old, after the age of 60, there are a lot of people are willing to talk about women and older women stories, someone find me such a good interpretation of the role, I think it was like a miracle. “


The video controversy

The stance of the film is more objective and correct

“Iron Lady,” Streep brings honor and popularity, but also brought her a lot of controversy. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher described in the movie, did not like the General legendary biography as beautiful, but main perspective invested in the twilight years of Margaret Thatcher lonely debilitating: go to the supermarket to buy milk alone, no one would recognize over-reliance on the death of her husband often have hallucinations, struggling … so bold narrative movie heroine to Streep are subject to a lot of controversy in the plight of Alzheimer’s disease and memory decline.

By American actor played a female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, this is one of the controversy. The “movie casting before, the United Kingdom has been controversial hundred times.” Streep apparently already accustomed to these, she said humorously: “resume my past, I do not just acted Americans, I also played in many of the country’s people. simply because the characters of her influence too. fact, as a non-Englishman, an outsider to see the culture of non-itself, I think there will be a whole new perspective, which touches an advantage as an American to play the British, in fact, to have more freedom to interpret the role. nationality is not a limit, and I also want to play a Chinese person. “

For previous news that the movie demonize Margaret Thatcher, the position is not objective enough just things, Streep said: “Margaret Thatcher has been ill and ridden in the past three years, she was no longer in the public eye this movie itself, in fact, Margaret Thatcher, is a positive image of the shape she is worthy of the respect of the people, the position of the entire film is more objective and correct our entire production team for her political controversy is not particularly interested in Of course, the film also, we are more interested in her as that part of the individual. “

This female movie theme Select Women’s Day, released in the Chinese mainland, Streep joked that this is a very meaningful day “to see the film will have deeper feelings for women, because it explores the mother and daughter, the topic of marriage, but also to explore the harmonious coexistence of a problem between you and your partner. “At the end, she also quoted Mao’s words on the importance of women in society —” Women hold up half the sky , attracted reporters at the scene laughing.


Hope for the future

Want to be forgotten after the age of 75, I hope I’m still alive! “

This year, Streep has 63-year-old. Interview originally Streep first chat party after the Academy Awards, “I did not go to the party, a young man to go more, now go less than, you know, party music always ‘boom, boom, boom’, disco music has not well suited to my taste. “over sixty years, she is never shy about their own age and no longer young face, including this one,” my own very surprised. everybody willing to look at my face, I am grateful that we continue to see my film and I do not regret my face my age allows me to have content to show, because I change face, so I am more capital to tell a different story. though I am 63 years old, but in fact, in my heart, I think I was 40 years old. “

Although in the film, Streep Margaret Thatcher’s image of the “iron fist female politician portrait three-dimensional, rich and delicate, but she admitted that the real life of their own role and do not have much in common,” she is easy women, I do not, and her horse, and she led the country for 11 years, their own day without a break, and I prefer to be retired and sit to read a book, take a break, I enjoy this process “the first act of the film, Margaret Thatcher retired alone to buy milk, but actually has no one recognized her in the supermarket, ask the same as a public figure Streep worried about the future also suffered this treated forgotten by society, she replied: “Actually, I prefer to be forgotten. because I, as a public figure to shuttle world more difficult. example, I want to eat a hamburger, sitting in the midst of them, and observe the crowd unlikely. because we are always looking at you for my life after the age of 75, I hope I’m still alive, because a lot of actors, my friends, in this age are not in the. “

Streep film program

1 has just finished shooting a new film, “August: Osage County” (A ugust: O sage C ounty), now to do some of the work of the late

2 to join the Tommy Lee Jones-directed “family man” (T he H o me sma n), is expected in May shooting. The movie story takes place in the early 19th century, the western United States, where there are some isolated women, they are much the destruction of the natural and similar to a lot of people are mad, until someone came to rescue them go back to the east.

3 is for the Broadway musical “visit the Forest” (Into the Woods) to prepare, who plays a witch in the inside, is expected to start in October.


Women’s Day March 8, Mainland theater will usher in a female subject of the film “Iron Lady.” The film tells the story of the life of the first female British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, starring Meryl Streep board after the 84th Oscar winner with this film throne, a lot of fans in the Mainland affectionately called her “Meiyi .

Recently, the legendary Hollywood actress accepted a telephone interview with this reporter, talked about the course of their career, mentality, family. She also generous and appreciative of just won the 85th Academy Award for Best Director Ang Lee, and hope to work with him.

Meryl Streep (MerylStreep), June 22, Sunrise, 1949 Born in New Jersey, USA. The film for more than 30, 17 Academy Award nominations, and twice won the Oscar winner by virtue of the “Iron Lady” and “Sophie’s Choice.

On the “Iron Lady”

Play British controversial

An American to play the iconic British casting auditions, Streep subject to dispute in the United Kingdom, which for her is the greatest difficulty encountered in the filming process. But, she said, he has acted in many countries, and strong influence to these countries do not care about her nationality.

She believes that, as an outsider to see the non-culture of their own have a whole new point of view, there is more freedom to interpret, this is the advantage, “this year’s speech Lincoln and get the best actor Lewis, he is a British “Streep said with a smile,” Margaret Thatcher is an amazing woman, my brother said to me with her common feature is particularly boss style of. “

Streep said, the “Iron Lady” biopic The biggest difference is the prototype still alive, own to withstand the pressure, “but the film itself is shaped Margaret Thatcher is positive, objective and correct let her gain respect, although there is a little controversial. “

“Iron Lady,” a year later with the Chinese audience a formal meeting, but Streep did not mind, and the film can be released in the Women’s Day, said happy she quoted Mao Zedong famously “Women hold up half the sky” for Video blessing.

Chat showbiz

The jealous daughter Ang Lee cooperation

Addition to the film, Streep has enviable family, her two daughters have adult hard work in showbiz.However, she said, the daughter does not require her to provide much of the performing arts recommended.

The eldest daughter, Pearl barley Gudme starred in Ang Lee’s “Woodstock. Streep admitted that her daughter never complained about Ang Lee strict, and said with a smile own daughter to work with Ang Lee thing quite jealous, hoping one day to cooperate with him.

“Ang Lee is particularly talented, very smart people think the most important is his movie styles have a surprise in the change.” For this award, “Junior School” Streep said have seen very Like, she thinks this is one of the most amazing works Ang Lee, “Compared to many other directors in Hollywood, as a high-profile person such as Quentin Tarantino, Ang Lee, is low-key and humble.

It comes to his favorite director, Streep said she admired nephogram director Wachowski siblings, Iranian film “parting time” director. When asked about whether they will be played excellent guide “Streep said they prefer to focus on work with actors, the director to worry about too many things.

Assessment Oscar

The new film Houlaolunsi performances in place

Just past the 85th Academy Awards Presentation Ceremony Streep award winner Lewis both holding three Oscars, this scene ridicule “the extant greatest actress for existing The greatest actor award. “

For this year’s Oscar for Best Actress was awarded to the first 90 Houzhannifu Lawrence, Streep think this session nominated actress performances are superb, and 8-year-old from a 85-year-old Ruiwa Cravens praise ni · Wallis, everyone has a characteristic “Lawrence himself very beautiful show her age in place, convincing.

She also particularly Reviews for best supporting actress Anne Hathaway, the two have one of the “Devil Wears Prada” in cooperation. The movie “subordinate”, living in the younger generation, Streep hesitate to praise, saying it is a continuous self development actors, “Annie gives the public image is very sweet, feminine. Early years” Rachel wedding, in which speech was great, her image ever since that movie big change. sing that song again passed her in “Les Miserables”, this is simply too great a very touching her performances , she continued energy and capacity. “

Future plans

Hope to play a Chinese woman

Streep work is still very long, and has just finished shooting a new film, “August” is doing post-dubbing work, after also publicity and promotion. In addition, the daily life, she would read some of the script stage play, have a Tommy Lee Jones movie “family man” will begin shooting in May. In addition, she appeared in the Disney musical “Intothe words” will start in October, in which she plays a beautiful witch, now practice singing.

Turning to the future, Streep said with a smile, they even hope to have the opportunity to be able to star in a Chinese woman, “my heart is no longer an obvious image of Chinese celebrities In particular, I want to play, be honest Mrs. in acted Thatcher, After that, I’d prefer to play some ordinary people, play some ordinary things. “

Dialogue Streep

The metamorphosis the face I have more capital storytelling

Reporter: You will also worried that like to be forgotten like the scene of the movie?

Sri Lanka: To some extent, I actually want to be forgotten. Because as a public figure, I shuttle world more difficult, for example, want to eat a hamburger, sitting among the observed population, these will be more difficult, because you are a public figure, others see you, you do not look at the others.

Reporter: The last session of the Oscars when you short speech said “Maybe I will not board this stage”, is because it is difficult to encounter such aspirations films (“Iron Lady”), trying to shift focus what?

Sri Lanka: of course still want (Oscars). In fact, just when he took office feeling a bit emotional, then the reaction is very surprised, to say the words most in the excitement. When I was 40 years old, is also not expected to now. Because the ordinary sense, a female actor to after the age of 40, his career essentially ended, but I also received a good role, I feel surprised and pleased, and many people are willing to tell the story of women , and is the story of the elderly women. As we all know, this theme is not so good to make money, just like a miracle.

Reporter: this 64-year-old, the Chinese people knew her fate is an older, if you have the ultimate Heaven is small to Metropolitan thinking a life proposition?

Sri Lanka: art for so many years I’ve been thinking, and I as an actor, the kind of desire and demanding you want to put themselves into a role, to imagine if another person exactly how to live in order to completely out of their own to think about this person, and how the story of a man transferred into the body of another person? Now I’m more from the point of view of the Trinity, the audience, the actors, the role of integrated efforts to the role of the audience did not know, and taken to the side of the audience, enlivened with the audience, which is something I have been exploring. and logical thinking, understand others, can also be a deeper understanding of themselves.

Reporter: 17 times nominated for an Oscar nomination again there is no excitement and pleasure?

Adams: I’m actually very surprised everybody willing to look at my face, I am also very grateful that we continue to see my films. I do not regret the face of change, because the content of my age are performances are presented. There are many actresses feel old is terrible, but I think that is because I this has been the face of transformation and change, so I have more capital to tell a different story.

Reporter’s notes

She was ready for an ordinary person

Meryl Streep is a Hollywood legend, almost no one will doubt, someday, she took to the podium of the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement. Prior to working with such a legendary direct dialogue, imagination is the variety, but when the phone the other end came the familiar voice in those classic films would not be an exaggeration to say that the first word in my mind is the “spring” .

The Meiyi the sound is warm, kind, accompanied by crisp laughter from time to time, much like the shuttle in the spring sunshine among the treetops. Originally scheduled one hour interview onto a half-hour, she did not because we are naive question or time delay revealing impatient, even total slightly awkward atmosphere, with laughter, driven interview emotions towards their children, as a generous elder.

Legend of the reason is legendary, perhaps it is precisely because, her first of an ordinary person, I think.


Also something more from what was written on the Meryl forum:

– she didn’t go to the Oscar parties because she’s tired of the music, not her style
– she still wants more awards ;)
– The Homesman starts filming in May
– she herself confirmed Into The Woods, saying it starts filming in October and that she’s already working on her singing !!!!
– they”re currently doing some dubbing for A:OC
– she is jealous of Mamie for working with Ang Lee

Meryl Streep predicted to win her 4th Oscar in 2014

It’s 363 days until the 2014 Academy Awards. Actors have not performed and movies have not been seen. Obviously it’s too early to get a read on what films will be nominated in 2014, but with George Clooney, Cormac McCarthy, the Coen brothers, and Cate Blanchett in the mix, we can make some educated guesses.

Best Actress Prediction: Kate Winslet, Labor Day
Predicted nominees:

Kate Winslet on the Labor Dayset. (Fame Flynet)

Cate Blanchett – Carol
Kate Winslet – Labor Day
Meryl Streep – August: Osage County
Sandra Bullock – Gravity
Shailene Woodley – The Spectacular Now

Streep and Roberts lead the talented cast of August: Osage County, and either could easily claim an Oscar nod. In Gravity, Bullock tackles sci-fi as an astronaut stranded in space, and Woodley has already wowed Sundance audiences as a high schooler who falls in love with a hard-drinking classmate in The Spectacular Now. Our pick, though, is Kate Winslet who stars in Jason Reitman’s adaptation of Joyce Maynard’s 2009 novel about a single mom who gives an escaped convict a ride against her better judgment. Academy voters always love Winslet and Labor Day seems like just the kind of perilous journey to elicit Oscar-worthy huzzahs.

Full article

85th Annual Academy Awards (2013)

We are a few hours away from the 85th Annual Academy Awards tonight. As it was reported 2 weeks ago, Meryl Streep’s confirmed she’s going to attend [Post]. It was also announced that she was at the Oscar rehearsal yesterday [Tweet], an article confirming it as well [Link]. So most probably we’re going to see her tonight!

The Oscars show’s been planning a salute to movie musicals that could include some of the biggest names in the business. Academy Award executives are hoping to persuade the likes of Meryl Streep, John Travolta, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway to participate in the celebration.

A couple days ago an article related to the celebration was published. Unfortunately Meryl wasn’t in the list of names, who’s going to participate. Just a reminder, she’s been asked to perform for the Oscars from 2009 but however she didn’t sing after all, so probably we’ll see her only as a presenter of the Best Actor category this time!

The 2013 Oscars ceremony honoring the films of 2012 is set to take place Sunday at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The pre-show broadcast will begin on ABC with red carpet arrivals at 4 p.m.  PST (7 p.m. EST) and will be hosted by Lara Spencer, Jess Cagle, Kristin Chenoweth and Kelly Rowland.

The awards show will start at 5:30 p.m. PST (8:30 p.m. EST) and is scheduled to last three hours. It will be hosted by “Family Guy” and “Ted” star Seth MacFarlane and televised live in more than 225 countries.


“Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Oscars” will air at 10 p.m. PST (12:05 a.m. EST) on ABC after the late local news broadcast.


List with the nominees

And here are a few streaming links you could use:

EOnline [Click] [Click]

Red carpet [Click]

The ceremony starts at 8.30pm (ET) on ABC:





Fashioncam [Click]

Thanks to Nora for all links. [Forum] 🙂

Meryl Streep to attend the Oscars 2013 – Confirmed!

It’s confirmed that Meryl’s going to attend the Oscars this year, on Feb 24th (Sunday). The ceremony starts at 8pm and is going to be aired by ABC.

The Academy Awards have locked down last year’s winning actors as the first presenters for the 2013 show.

Meryl Streep (Iron Lady), Jean Dujardin (The Artist), Octavia Spencer (The Help) and Christopher Plummer (Beginners) are the first booked to appear during the live Feb. 24 telecast, hosted by Seth MacFarlane.

“We are honored to have Meryl, Octavia, Christopher and Jean, last year’s Oscar winners in each of the acting categories, return to the Oscar stage,” said show producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

Streep, the most-nominated actor in Oscar history, won her third Academy Award last year for playing British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The 2013 Oscars will air Sunday, Feb. 24, at 8 p.m., on ABC.


Also a tweet by @RedCarpetTeam confirmed it too:

Last year’s winners Meryl Streep, Octavia Spencer, Jean Dujardin & Christopher Plummer will be back to present @ the Oscars! #ERedCarpet

Scarlett Johansson simply sizzles on the stage in A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

An article by Dailymail and some parts about Meryl in it:

Scarlett Johansson had been off sick for a couple of days and the first night she returned to play the smouldering Maggie in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof there was Meryl Streep sitting in the front of the stalls.

Jessica Lange was on an aisle; Anna Wintour and Kelly Reilly were close by. But that’s New York for you. I often spot Oscar and Tony winners, or famous writers and directors, in the audience at plays in New York.

Now I think about it, though, it’s mostly Meryl. I like the way she stays in her seat during intervals, so as not to attract too much attention. And I love it when something makes her laugh. 

She was certainly tickled when Scarlett’s Maggie kept referring to some off-stage brats as ‘no-neck monsters’. Scarlett delivered the line with such delicious relish that I, too, was amused.

And Meryl was riveted by the on-stage confrontations between Scarlett and Benjamin Walker (as Maggie’s ‘crippled’ husband Brick) and the Act 2 session between Brick and Big Daddy, played by Ciaran Hinds.