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December 13 2013 – Posting: “A (temporary) goodbye“; Updating: Changes“;

December 11 2013 – Posting: “20th Annual SAG Awards nominations“; Updating: Changes“;

December 9 2013 – Posting: “She’s gone grey! Meryl Streep suits up and wigs out to join Katie Holmes’ movie ‘The Giver’“; Updating: The Giver (2014)“, Changes“;

December 6 2013 – Posting: “[Video] ‘August: Osage County’ Red Band Clip: Eat the Fish“, “[Video] Meryl Streep – ET interview on ‘August: Osage County’“, “[Video] August: Osage County – Press conference“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

December 4 2013 – Posting: “‘August: Osage County’ – Script, PDF“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Scripts“, Changes“;

December 3 2013 – Posting: “‘August: Osage County’ spotlights Meryl Streep as a manic matriarch“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

December 2 2013 – Posting: “Nominations for the 18th Annual Satellite Awards – March 9, 2014“; Updating: Changes“;

November 27 2013 – Posting: “[Video] Academy conversations: ‘August: Osage County’ AMPAS Q&A“, “[Video] Meryl Streep’s nostalgic memories of The Beatles’ Shea stadium concert; Full Q&A, ‘August: Osage County’“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

November 26 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep attends ‘August: Osage County’ Press Conference and Q&A in NYC – November 25, 2013 – Photos and videos; Talks ‘Into the Woods’“, ‘August: Osage County’ director, cast on dinner with Meryl Streep“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Into the woods (2014)“, Events“, “Changes“;

November 23 2013 – Posting: “[Video] August: Osage County: Meryl Streep ‘Violet Weston’ – On set movie interview“, “To Hear Her Tell It – Meryl Streep reads ‘The Testament of Mary’“, “August: Osage County Q&A – November 25, 2013“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Events“, “Changes“;

November 21 2013 – Posting: “‘August: Osage County’ – 2 new exclusive clips“, “Actors Hall of Fame Induction – February 9, 2014“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

November 19 2013 – Posting: ““August: Osage County” – Exclusive clip featuring Meryl Streep and Julianne Nicholson“, “Billy Magnussen talks INTO THE WOODS movie & More“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

November 18 2013 – Posting: “Director John Wells comes home to talk Meryl Streep and August: Osage County“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013),Changes“;

Novermber 10 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep, charity work – Education Above All“, “Meryl Streep on growing older, wiser… and not scary“, “‘August: Osage County’ – New York premiere – December 12, 2013“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013),Changes“;

November 9 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep from ‘August: Osage County’ and ‘Into the Woods’“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Into the woods (2014)“, Events“, Changes“;

November 2 2013 – Posting: “Sandra Bullock: Meryl Streep will ‘Kick My Ass’“; Updating: Changes“;

October 30 2013 – Posting: “Celebrities share where they were when they found out JFK was assassinated (NEW BOOK)“; Updating: Changes“;

October 29 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep to attend Kageno Harambee Gala – November 4, 2013” ; Updating: Events“, Changes“;

October 24 2013 – Posting: “Julianne Nicholson on working with Meryl Streep; the ‘dark’ ending of ‘August: Osage County’ is back!“, “Meryl Streep attends August: Osage County Press Conference in London – October 23, 2013“, “Paul McCartney’s official music video of Queenie Eye“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013), Events“, Changes“;

October 22 2013 – Posting: “Paul McCartney ‘Queenie Eye’ – Making of the video“, “Vulture: 100 most valuable stars of 2013“; Updating: Changes“;

October 21 2013 – Posting: “10 GIFs From Paul McCartney’s Star-Studded “Queenie Eye” Music Video“; Updating: Changes“;

October 19 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep takes part in new music video of Paul McCartney’s, Queenie Eye (2013)“, “49th Chicago International Film Festival review: ‘August: Osage County’“, “Abigail Breslin on working with Meryl Streep“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013), “Appearances&Documentaries“, Changes“;

October 18 2013 – Posting: “Newly released audiobooks narrated by Meryl Streep – available on Amazon and iTunes“, “‘August: Osage County’ poster offers clues about awards positioning; premieres at 2013 Chicago International Film Festival“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013), Voice work“, Changes“;

October 17 2013 – Posting: “AFI Fest – Special screening of August: Osage County Premiere – November 8, 2013“, “Meryl Streep to receive O’Neill Center’s Monte Cristo Award – April 21, 2014“; Updating: Awards“, “Events“, Changes“;

October 11 2013 – Posting: “James Corden feared he was going to be fired from Hollywood musical with Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

October 10 2013 – Posting: “[Video]: Meryl Streep, Friends of Writers Spring Gala – May 6, 2013“; Updating: Changes“;

October 9 2013 – Posting: “‘The Good House’, interview with writer Ann Leary“; Updating: Changes“;

October 7 2013 – Posting: “Exclusive: ‘August: Osage County’ ensemble to be honored at Hollywood Film Awards“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013), Changes“;

September 27 2013 – Posting: “Taylor Swift will co-star in long-awaited adaptation of ‘The Giver’“, Katie Holmes joins Meryl Streep in ‘The Giver’“, “‘Into the Woods’ – First look at Meryl Streep as the Witch“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, The Giver (2014)“, Changes“;

September 25 2013 – Posting: “‘Into the Woods’ – First cast photos in costume“, “‘August: Osage County’ to go on more than 10 Film Festivals 2013 – Upcoming events“, “‘Into the Woods’ – On set photos“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

September 23 2013 – Posting: “Jerry Hall and Meryl Streep together in a comedy?“, “First set photos from INTO THE WOODS! Rapunzel’s castle, the Woods & more“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

September 21 2013 – Posting: “Weinstein dates ‘The Giver’ starring Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges for August 2014“; Updating: The Giver (2014)“, Changes“;

September 20 2013 – Posting: “Rumored project: Meryl Streep and Sridevi together in Cowboys and Indians?“; Updating: Changes“;

September 19 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep to speak at UMass Lowell“; Updating: Events“, Changes“;

September 18 2013 – Posting: “Juliette Lewis said she was ‘in tears’ just thinking of doing a scene with Meryl Streep for ‘August: Osage County’“, “‘August: Osage County’ to be shown at the Chicago Film Festival – October 15th“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

September 16 2013 – Posting: “Disney’s ‘INTO THE WOODS’ ventures into production featuring award-winning cast & production team“, “Breaking News: Lilla Crawford joins INTO THE WOODS film as ‘Little Red’; Stephen Sondheim pens new song“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

September 15 2013 – Posting: “Into the Woods wraps on first week of shooting; Odeya Rush joins cast of The Giver“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, The Giver (2014)“, Changes“;

September 14 2013 – Posting: “Dailymail: Pill-popping Meryl Streep gets snarky in new trailer for adaptation of Pulitzer-winning play August: Osage County“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013), Changes“;

September 12 2013 – Posting: “The men of ‘August: Osage County’ marvel at Meryl Streep’s acting and home cooking; Julianne Nicholson on ‘August: Osage County’ at TIFF 2013 + First shooting day of ‘Into the Woods’“, “‘August: Osage County’ – 2nd Theatrical Trailer“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013), Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

September 11 2013 – Posting: “Toronto: “August: Osage County” with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts gets rare standing ovation“, “TIFF 2013: ‘August: Osage County’ ending could be changed for release“, “Harvey Weinstein Discusses His Career Highs and Lows with Tina Brown at TIFF“, “TIFF 2013: ‘August: Osage County’ Soho House Party + Upcoming trailer“, “Exclusive – Take a first listen to Meryl Streep read ‘The Testament of Mary’ audiobook“, “‘August: Osage County’ to screen at the New Orleans Film Festival“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013), “Voice work“, Changes“;

September 10 2013 – Posting: “Variety – Toronto Film Review: ‘August: Osage County’ + New production still“, “Oscars flip-flop: Meryl Streep returns to lead, Julia Roberts drops to supporting; ‘August: Osage County’ premieres at Toronto Film Festival – ReviewsUpdating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

September 9 2013 – Posting: “‘August: Osage County’ premiere at TIFF 2013 – Schedule + Streaming links“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

September 7 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep doesn’t know how Meryl Streep does it either“, “Meryl Streep attends TIFF13; ‘Into the Woods’ movie filming at Dover castle soon?“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

September 4 2013 – Posting: “‘August: Osage County’ screening – Comments“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

August 31 2013 – Posting: “End of ‘150 years of Vassar’ campaign: ‘We did it!’ Video“; Updating: Changes“;

August 30 2013 – Posting: “Goldderby: Weinstein Co. may push Meryl Streep back up to lead Oscar race“, “‘August: Osage County’ – New production still“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

August 27 2013 – Posting: “Twin Cities Film Fest 2013 announces first four titles“, “Screen queen Meryl Streep is expected in South Africa in a month’s time to start shooting her new film, The Giver“; Updating: New page (“The Giver (2014)“), August: Osage County (2013), Changes“;

August 21 2013 – Posting: “‘August: Osage County’ – Production still“, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2013 – Guests list“, “Friends of Writers Spring Gala – May 6, 2013 – New photos“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

August 13 2013 – Posting: “Exclusive Oscars news: Meryl Streep drops to supporting, takes on Oprah“, “Oscar predictions 2014 – ‘August: Osage County’“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

August 11 2013 – Posting: “Entertainment Weekly: ‘August: Osage County’ 2013“, “Disney takes D23-Goers ‘INTO THE WOODS’; Reveals logo for upcoming film!“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

August 10 2013 – Posting: “‘August: Osage County’ – First production stills“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

August 7 2013 – Posting: “Sophia Grace is little red riding hood in ‘Into the Woods’?!“, ‘The Good House’ – Novel on PDF“, “Meryl Streep circles Weinstein’s ‘The Giver’“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

August 6 2013 – Posting: “Tribeca reunite Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro for ‘The Good House’“, “Meryl Streep to narrate Colm Toibin’s ‘The Testament of Mary’ (2013)“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

August 5 2013 – Posting: “‘Into the Woods’ – On set, first photos“, “‘Into the Woods’ starts filming“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

July 26 2013 – Posting: “Members of the Wilmington Fund VT celebrating the success of last Saturday evening’s fundraising events“; Updating: Changes“;

July 25 2013 – Posting: “‘Into the Woods’ cast: Grading the singing of Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp & more“, “Actor Ewan McGregor urged his mother to put a bet on Meryl Streep winning another OSCAR“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

July 24 2013 – Posting: “Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2013 Schedule: ‘August: Osage County’ among debuts“,WORLD EXCLUSIVE! New confirmed casting for the INTO THE WOODS movie, starring Streep & Depp“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

July 22 2013 – Posting: “Claire Danes on Vogue: ‘I Was Stuck’ with no work for 2 years; Seeks advice from Meryl Streep“; Updating: Changes“;

July 21 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep attends the Wilmington Fund VT Fundraiser – July 20, 2013 – First photo“; Updating: Changes“;

July 18 2013 – Posting: “Jake Gyllenhaal drops out of ‘Into the Woods’“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

July 16 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep is heading to London in 3 weeks to film ‘Into the Woods’“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

July 5 2013 – Posting: “Manor house immortalised in The French Lieutenant’s Woman which boasts stunning sea views goes on sale for £3m“; Updating: Changes“;

June 29 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep, husband Don Gummer and Brigitte Lacombe attend Fragments Opening Reception – June 27, 2013 – Photos“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Events“, Changes“;

June 28 2013 – Posting: “IMDb: ‘August: Osage County’ – First release dates“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

June 27 2013 – Posting: “Holland Taylor looks back on the greatest moments & memories from Ann’s Broadway run“, “Top 10 Funniest Actresses of the Past 10 Years“; Updating: Changes“;

June 23 2013 – Posting: “Margo Martindale talks about her TV roles, Emmy win, new movie ‘August: Osage County’ and working with Meryl Streep“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

June 22 2013 – Posting: “Anna Kendrick joins the cast of Disney’s ‘Into the Woods’ as Cinderella“, “Oscars predictions – Meryl Streep vs Julia Roberts; Daniel Huttlestone in talks to join Disney’s ‘Into the Woods’“, “Happy 64th birthday, Meryl Streep!“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

June 21 2013 – Posting: “Oscar bait: Weinstein Co. shifts Meryl Streep-Julia Roberts ‘August: Osage County’ to Christmas“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Events“, Changes“;

June 19 2013 – Posting: “Dailymail: Trapped on a yacht with Miranda Priestly: The heart-sinking moment that Andy comes face-to-face with former boss in exclusive extract from ‘Revenge Wears Prada’“; Updating: Changes“;

June 18 2013 – Posting: “‘Into the Woods’ – Script [pdf]“; Updating: “Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

June 15 2013 – Posting: “Michael Cunningham on ‘The Hours’ and a probable new movie for Meryl Streep“, “INTO THE WOODS film to hit theaters Christmas Day 2014!“; Updating: “Into the woods (2014)“,  Changes“;

June 14 2013 – Posting: “Dailymail: Miranda’s back! Ahn-dre-ah gets her revenge in long-awaited sequel to ‘The Devil Wears Prada’“; Updating: Changes“;

June 13 2013 – Posting: “Exclusive: Tracey Ullman in talks to join Disney’s ‘Into the Woods’“, The Public Theater Annual Gala – 3 new photos“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

June 12 2013 – Posting: “The Public Theater Annual Gala, June 11 – First photo of Meryl Streep“, “Happy birthday, Louisa!“, “Meryl Streep attends The Public Theater Annual Gala, June 11 – First photos“; Updating: Changes“;

June 11 2013 – Posting: “Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story (2013); The Public Theater Annual Gala – Postponed for June 11“; Updating:  Events“, Changes“;

June 7 2013 – Posting: “Fernando Peire and Amy Adams on Meryl Streep“, “Dailymail: Style icons for women in their 60s; How actresses over 40 are Hollywood’s new power players“, Jason Robert Brown’s THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY Musical to open at Schoenfeld Theatre in February 2014“; Updating: “About“, Changes“;

June 6 2013 – Posting: “Emily Blunt excited to reteam with Meryl Streep for ‘Into The Woods’“; Updating: “Into the woods (2013)“,  Changes“;

June 1 2013 – Posting: “Jane Fonda left breathless by Meryl Streep’s movie debut In Julia“; Updating: Changes“;

May 31 2013 – Posting: “58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards – May 20, 2013 – First video!Updating: Changes“;

May 27 2013 – Posting: “Happy Meryl Streep Day! – May 27th“; Updating: Changes“;

May 26 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep attends daughter’s graduation, Vassar College Commencement 2013“; Updating: Changes“;

May 25 2013 – Posting: “Does Meryl Streep Own a Sunset Strip Residence?“; Updating: Changes“;

May 22 2013 – Posting: “The Public Theater: Meryl Streep and Sir Howard Stringer to Honor Nora Ephron“; Updating:  Events“, Changes“;

May 21 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep attending the 58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards – May 20, 2013 – Photos“; Updating:  Events“, Changes“;

May 18 2013 – Posting: “Dylan inducted as honorary member of arts academy; Meryl Streep presenting award – May 15, 2013“, “The Wrap: Weinstein unveils slate in Cannes: ‘August: Osage County’ shouts Oscars“, “An acting note from Meryl Streep – to Benedict Cumberbatch“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Events“, Changes“;

May 17 2013 – Posting: “Christine Baranski to reteam with ‘Chicago’ director on Disney’s ‘Into the Woods’; Emily Blunt in talks to join the cast“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

May 15 2013 – Posting: “Chris Pine, Jake Gyllenhaal Circling Musical ‘Into the Woods’“; Updating: Into the woods (2014)“, Changes“;

May 13 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep’s wheatberry salad“; Updating: Changes“;

May 12 2013 – Posting: “Dailymail: Food book of the week: The Cookbook That Shares Our Common Humanity“; Updating: Changes“;

May 11 2013 – Posting: “Dailymail: Streep versus Roberts! Meryl and Julia go head to head in new trailer for family drama August: Osage County“, “Benedict Cumberbatch talks about Meryl Streep, ‘August: Osage County’“, “Broadway star Joins Johnny Depp in ‘Into the Woods’; Tony-winner James Corden will play the Baker who lives next door to Meryl Streep’s Witch“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013), Into the woods (2013)“, Changes“;

May 10 2013 – Posting: “First look at ‘August: Osage County’ – Trailer’s out!“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)Changes“;

May 9 2013 – Posting: “Nearly Naked with Meryl Streep“; Updating: Changes“;

May 7 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep attending Friends of Writers Spring Gala – May 6, 2013“, “Carter Burwell Scoring ‘August: Osage County’“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Events“, Changes“;

May 2 2013 – Posting: “Read more about INTO THE WOODS Adaptation to Film in London this fall“; Updating: Changes“;

May 1 2013 – Posting: “Mamie and Grace Gummer – A Small World Relaunch Preview Dinner – April 29, 2013“; Updating: Changes“;

April 30 2013 – Posting: “Allegra LaViola Gallery to present Don Gummer: Recent Works exhibition, opens May 2nd“, “Johnny Depp And Meryl Streep “Deals Almost Wrapped” For ‘Into The Woods’ Movie“; Updating: New page (“Into the woods (2014)“), Changes“;

April 27 2013 – Posting: “Big Red Dedication – Photos + Video“; Updating: Changes“;

April 26 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep and Don Gummer – Big Red Dedication – April 26, 2013“; Updating: Events“, Changes“;

April 25 2013 – Posting: “Reader’s Guide: A Conversation between Anna Quindlen and Meryl Streep; August: Osage County – Reviews“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, “Events“, Changes“;

April 24 2013 – Posting: “LIC Fire Threatens Star-Studded Art Gala“; Updating: Changes“;

April 23 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep and Don Gummer – Foundation for Contemporary Arts Benefit – April 22, 2013“; Updating: Changes“;

April 19 2013 – Posting: “WHTR Honors Meryl Streep with Artist of the Week Award“; Updating: Changes“;

April 16 2013 – Posting: “Youtube: Heartburn by Nora Ephron and read by Meryl Streep (audiobook excerpt)“; Updating: Changes“;

April 15 2013 – Posting: “Exclusive Clip: Meryl Streep reads Nora Ephron Audiobook ‘Heartburn’“; Updating: Changes“;

April 13 2013 – Posting: “Charity work: New York’s New Abolitionists“, “Meryl Streep, narrating Wings of Life (2013) – 3 clips“; Updating: Changes“;

April 12 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep to narrate Nora Ephron audiobook – Heartburn (2013)“; Updating: “Voice workChanges“;

April 11 2013 – Posting: “The Homesman: Grace Gummer to play Arabella Sours; Hailee Steinfeld joins the cast“; Updating: The Homesman (2013)“, Changes“;

April 8 2013 – Posting: “Dailymail: Iron Lady actress Meryl Streep pays tribute to former PM Baroness Thatcher… a pioneer for the role of women in politics… willingly or unwillingly’“, “Meryl Streep Calls Margaret Thatcher ‘a Pioneer’“; Updating: Changes“;

April 6 2013 – Posting: “Women in the World Summit – More photos + Video, Finale“, “Meryl Streep to play Altha Carter in The Homesman (2013)“; New page (“Appearances&Documentaries“, “Voice work“); Updating: The Homesman (2013)“, “Awards“, “Events“, “TV&Stage“, Changes“;

April 5 2013 – Posting: “Immersed in Movies: Cinematographer Adriano Goldman Talks Redford and Streep in ‘The Company You Keep’ and ‘August: Osage County’“, “The Stars Come Out For Women’s Rights – Women in the World 2013“, “Women in the World Summit – April 4th, 2013 – Photos and video“, “Women in the World Summit – Press Conference – April 4th, 2013“; Updating: Changes“;

April 4 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman and more joining the Austin Pendleton Project: Where the Work Is“; Updating: Changes“;

April 3 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep, Duncan Sheik, and more: Announcing the 58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards – May 20, 2013“; Updating: Changes“;

April 1 2013 – Posting: “Dailymail: Mom will make it better! Meryl Streep comforts daughter Mamie Gumer after her split from husband Benjamin“; Updating: Changes“;

March 29 2013 – Posting: “Streep, Presidents in Inez memorial tribute“, “James Spader joins Tommy Lee Jones, Meryl Streep in “Homesman”“; Updating: The Homesman (2013)“, “About“, “Welcome“, Changes“;

March 25 2013 – Posting: “OSCARS: 2014 Academy Awards Set For March 2“, “Meryl Streep: Why Kevin Bacon thinks she is the greatest actor alive [Video – March 25, 2013]“, “Meryl Streep narrated – Out of Print (2013)“; Updating: Changes“;

March 23 2013 – Posting: “Streep, Presidents in Inez memorial tribute“, “Georgina Chapman’s popcorn remedy + “The Homesman” in Santa Fe to begin filming“; Updating: Changes“;

March 22 2013 – Posting: “The Homesman to film in New Mexico – Press release“, “Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Whoopi Goldberg, Morgan Freeman, Ben Stiller and more announced for Tribeca Talks“, “Meryl Streep wants you to stop and smell the roses with mesmerizing ‘Wings of Life’ doc — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO“; New page (“The Homesman“); Updating: Changes“;

March 21 2013 – Posting: “Gold Derby: August: Osage County – Review“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

March 20 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep, a Date with Oscar; August: Osage County – Reviews and reactions“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

March 19 2013 – Posting: “August: Osage County – First reviews“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

March 15 2013 – Posting: “Will Andy be seeing red? First look at the cover for the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada“, “Women in the World Summit – Hanks to pay tribute to Ephron“; Updating: Changes“;

March 14 2013 – Posting: “House of Commons put up for sale on eBay for just 99p (but it’s the lifesize film set used in The Iron Lady)“, “Short-cut to House of Commons for aspiring MPs as replica chamber goes on sale on eBay“, “From perfect brows to gorgeously glowing skin: Here’s what Meryl Streep can teach you about mid-life make-up“, “The Clintons, Gabrielle Giffords, Meryl Streep and more visit Ann on Broadway, starring Holland Taylor“; Updating: Changes“;

Updating: March 13 2013 – Posting: “ANN Opening Night – March 12, 2013“; Updating: Events“, Changes“;

March 12 2013 – Posting: “Women in the World Summit 2013 Agenda – April 4-5, 2013“, “Meryl Streep to narrate: ‘Wings of Life’ Trailer Reveals Slo-Mo Awesomeness of Birds and Bugs“; Updating: Events“, Changes“;

March 11 2013 – Posting: “Tommy Lee Jones on “The Homesman”“; Updating: Changes“;

March 9 2013 – Posting: “Steve Carell: No Meryl Streep For Anchorman 2“; Updating: Changes“;

March 7 2013 – Posting: “Steve Carell: Meryl Streep would love to star in Anchorman 2“, “Hey’Ya: Arab Women in Sport VIP Opening – March 6, 2013“; Updating: Events“, Changes“;

March 6 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep – Screen for life“; Updating: Changes“;

March 3 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep – Meryl Streep And Anne Hathaway Lend Voices To Documentary Campaigning For Girls’ Education“; Updating: Changes“;

March 2 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep: I hope to play a Chinese woman once“; Updating: Changes“;

March 1 2013 – Posting: “‘Girl Rising’ Movie Review: Selena Gomez and Meryl Streep Join Fight For Female Education“, “Premature Predictions: The 2014 Best Actress Nominees“; Updating: Changes“;

February 27 2013 – Posting: “David Frankel: Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones just crack each other up“, “Tommy Lee Jones gets a first: Will direct Meryl Streep and daughter Grace Gummer“, “Meryl Streep predicted to win her 4th Oscar in 2014“; Updating: Changes“;

February 26 2013 – Posting: “Ben Affleck, Meryl Streep, and others spend Saturday at Oscars rehearsals“; Updating: Events“, Changes“;

February 24 2013 – Posting: “85th Annual Academy Awards (2013)“; Updating: Changes“;

February 21 2013 – Posting: “‘The Homesman’ among projects casting extras during New Mexico’s Film & Media Day“; Updating: Changes“;

February 15 2013 – Posting: “Talking To Margo Martindale About ‘The Americans,’ Mags Bennett, And Working With Meryl Streep“;  Updating: Changes“;

February 7 2013 – Posting: “Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep, Vanessa Williams are in NRA’s crosshairs on gun control“; Updating: Changes“;

February 6 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep – Attending at the BAFTA Awards 2013 – Confirmed“; Updating: Changes“;

February 5 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep to attend the Oscars 2013 – Confirmed!“; Updating: Changes“;

February 3 2013 – Posting: “OSCARS Q&A: Tommy Lee Jones“; Updating: Changes“;

February 1 2013 – Posting: “Roxbury Composer’s Future: New Town, Working with Meryl Streep as a Witch“; Updating: Changes“;

January 29 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep being cast in Tommy Lee Jones’ period drama “Homesman”“; Updating: Changes“;

January 23 2013 – Posting: “Girl Rising official trailer + Golden Globes 2013, Mamie Gummer’s reaction“; Updating: Changes“;

January 22 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep to narrate 2 new documentaries (2013)“; Updating: Changes“;

January 17 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep to Narrate Thirteen’s THE 70’s – BOLD AND FEARLESS“; Updating: Changes“;

January 11 2013 – Posting: “Scarlett Johansson simply sizzles on the stage in A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof“; Updating: Changes“;

January 10 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep won People’s Choice Awards 2013 for Favorite Movie Icon“; Updating: Awards“, Changes“;

January 8 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep, George Clooney & More Announced as Golden Globe Presenters“; Updating: Awards“, Changes“;

January 2 2013 – Posting: “Meryl Streep will court her fourth Oscar for “August: Osage County”“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

January 1 2013 – Posting: “Academy Extends Oscar Nomination Deadline to Jan. 4“; Updating: Changes

December 31 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline – Radio interview, the Public Theater; Joe Papp in Five Acts (2010) – Trailer“; Updating: Changes“;

December 28 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep! Darren Criss! Audra McDonald! 2012’s Biggest Stars in the Best Curtain Calls of the Year“; Updating: Changes“;

December 24 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streepmas to you, all Streepers!“, “August: Osage County in The Guardian’s 100 Key Films (2013)“; Updating: Changes“;

December 23 2012 – Posting: “Tracy Middendorf starts ‘Shutter To Think’ charity project; Meryl’s selfie with Hillary Clinton donation“; Updating: Changes“;

December 20 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Meryl Streep’s glasses“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

December 18 2012 – Posting: “Misty Upham Co-Stars with Meryl Streep in “August: Osage County”“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

December 14 2012 – Posting: “2013 Golden Globe Nomination – Video, announcing the nominees“, “Golden Globe nominations 2013: Meryl Streep still has the touch“; Updating: Changes“;

December 13 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep receives her 27th nomination for Golden Globe Awards“, “Exclusive: 12-12-12 All Star Rock Concert Rundown of Musical Artists Tonight“; Update: Awards“, “Events“, “Changes“;

December 12 2012 – Posting: “Golden Globes nominations – announcing 13/12/2012“, “Happy Birthday to Don Gummer!“, “Henry Wolfe at Mercury Lounge“; Updating: Changes“;

December 10 2012 – Posting: “British Independant Awards 2012“; Updating: Changes“;

December 8 2012 – Posting: “Charity Day Stars“, “‘August: Osage County’ stars, filming leaves lasting impression with Oklahomans“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

December 7 2012 – Posting: “‘Death Becomes Her’: Bravo Working On TV Adaptation Of Film“, “Streep says listen up!“, “Recalling the Great, Great PR Woman, Lois Smith“; Updating: Changes“;

December 6 2012 – Posting: “Juliette Lewis: ‘What’s Meryl Streep like?’ Tweet“, “THR’s Women in Entertainment 2012: Power 100 – Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

December 5 2012 – Posting: Meryl Streep – Reading ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’“, “22nd Annual A Magical Evening Gala – November 28, 2012 – Video“, ““Hope Springs” article – Glamour, Bulgaria“, “Meryl Streep Speaks, Mandy Patinkin Sings at Lois Smith Memorial“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Events“, “Changes“;

December 4 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – More vids on the official website“, ““Hope Springs” – Videos, bloopers“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

December 3 2012 – Posting: “The Kennedy Center Honors – Meryl and Hillary, donated photo!!!“, “ARTICLE, VIDEO, PHOTOS!! 2012 Kennedy Center Honors: Obama joins David Letterman, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Guy and other Honorees“, “The golden couple! Barack and Michelle wow at star-studded Kennedy Center awards; More photos“, ““August: Osage County” – On set photo!“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

December 2 2012 – Posting: “35th Kennedy Center Hnors – Gala Dinner – Moer photos!“, “Meryl introduced the honorees at the Kennedy Center Honors“, “35th Kennedy Center Honors – Ceremony“, “The Kennedy Center Honors – HQ photos“, “The Kennedy Center Honors – Simplystreep, more photos“, “The Kennedy Center State Dinner – More pics!“, “Meryl and Dustin – The Kennedy Center Honours, more photos!“, “Another photo – Meryl and Dustin, The Kennedy Center State Dinner“, “Alec Baldwin is a happy man with wife Hilaria join stars for Kennedy Center State Dinner – Meryl and Don photo“, “Say cheese! Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep pose for a photo on the Oscar winner’s iPhone after Kennedy Center Honors gala“, “Kennedy Center Honours – December 1st, 2012 – First pics!“; Updating: Events“, “Changes“;

December 1 2012 – Posting: ““The Iron Lady”- Still getting nominations“, “Is it a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, it’s Meryl Streep!“; Updating: Changes“;

November 30 2012 – Posting: “Margo Martindale: ‘Steel’ing Hearts 25 Years Later“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

November 29 2012 – Posting: “Another photo – 22nd Annual A Magical Evening Gala“, “22nd Annual A Magical Evening Gala – More new photos!“, ““Emily Owens M.D.” – Canceled“, “22nd Annual A Magical Evening Gala – Another photo!“, New photo – “August: Osage County”“, “First pics – 22nd Annual A Magical Evening Gala – Nov 28th“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

November 28 2012 – Posting: “A thank you ad from the film’s cast and crew of “August: Osage County”“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

November 27 2012 – Posting: “Henry Wolfe playing in Mercury Lounge in Manhattan – Dec 5“; Updating: Changes“;

November 26 2012 – Posting: “Marianne McKenna’s Ascent“; Updating: Changes“;

November 22 2012 – Posting: “Writer of Streep’s ‘Osage County’ says he tried to stay faithful“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

November 21 2012 – Posting: “C2C Innovation Institute Gala – 160 new photos!“; Updating: Changes“;

November 20 2012 – Posting: “Digital drawing – Meryl in “Mamma mia!” #2“, “C2C Innovation Institute Gala – New photo!“; Updating: “Release – “Hope Springs“, Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

November 19 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, interview“, “Hurricane Sandy leads to the peril of Meryl Streep’s penthouse in downtown N.Y.“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

November 18 2012 – Posting: “OSCARS: Handicapping Lead Actress Race“; Updating: Changes“;

November 17 2012 – Posting: “22nd Annual A Magical Evening Gala – November 28, 2012“, “Memo to Streep, De Niro, Pacino: Spielberg wants to work with you“, ““August: Osage County” – On set photo, cast and crew!“, “C2C Innovation Institute Gala – Meryl Streep, video + interview!“, “The Women for Women International Cookbook – By Meryl Streep“; Updating: “Events“, Changes“;

November 16 2012 – Posting: “Vote for Meryl in Actress of the Year!“, ““Hope Springs” – Full movie torrent, HD“, “C2C Innovation Institute Gala, Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon honoring Bill McDonough – Official pics!“; Updating: “Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

November 15 2012 – Posting: “C2C Innovation Institute Gala with Meryl Streep & Susan Sarandon – More pics!“, “People’s choice award – Vote #2!“, “Anticipation: Osage County“, “Cradle to cradle event honoring William McDonough with Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon – Photos!“; Updating: “Chat!“, August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

November 14 2012 – Updating: “Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

November 12 2012 – Updating: ““AOC” Wrap party, 1st pic“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

November 10 2012 – Posting: “Digital drawing – Meryl in “Mamma mia!”“, “Just uploaded 2 vids and 20,000+ visits on the blog! Thanks!“; Updating: Changes“;

November 9 2012 – Posting: “’12-12-12′ Concert for Sandy Relief plays Madison Square Garden“; Updating: Changes“;

November 6 2012 – Posting: “A new photo of Meryl and more – “August: Osage County”“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

November 5 2012 – Posting: “Judi Dench and Meryl Streep go head to head for Independent Film Awards”“, ‘AOC’ production designer enjoying time in Bartlesville“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

November 3 2012 – Posting: New sidebar, new background; Updating: Changes“;

November 2 2012 – Posting: “‘August: Osage County’ – George Christy talks about Meryl Streep, Ewan McGregor and more!“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

November 1 2012 – Posting: “Parking attendant drowns at Meryl Streep’s Tribeca apartment building during Sandy“; Updating: Changes“;

October 30 2012 – Updating: “Awards“, Changes“;

October 29 2012 – Posting: “Fundamental Human Rights – Draw the line, new video“; Updating: Changes“;

October 27 2012 – Posting: ““The Iron Lady” red carpet – New video“, “Meryl Street and Tommy Lee Jones talk Hope Springs“, “Girl Rising” – Film Teaser“; Updating: “Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

October 25 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep thinks Julia Roberts is childish“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

October 24 2012 – Posting: “2013 People’s Choice Awards – VOTE!“; Updating: Changes“;

October 22 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep, Eric Cantor up for honorary degrees“; Updating: Changes“;

October 19 2012 – Posting: ““The Manchurian Candidate” – Limited Edition Trailer”“, Meryl Streep on D Magazine, September 2012“; New page (“Fashion“); Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

October 18 2012 – Posting: “Video – “Emily Owens M.D.”: Emily and… The Alan Zolman Incident Actors’ Preview“, “V&A ‘Hollywood Costume’ exhibition – 20/10/2012-27/01/13“, “Dustin Hoffman’s “Kramer Vs. Kramer” memories elicit tears“; Updating: Changes“;

October 17 2012 – Posting: ““Emily Owens M.D.” – Mamie Gummer, more interviews – Videos, photos”“, Mamie Gummer – 3 new interviews, “Emily Owens M.D.” – Videos”“, AMFAR inspiration gala 2012 honoring Kevin Huvane“; Updating: Changes“;

October 16 2012 – Posting: ‘Emily Owens, M.D.’ star Mamie Gummer reveals her mom’s movies that make her laugh, cry, and watch again and again”Updating: Changes“;

October 15 2012 – Posting: Etymology of the name Meryl“, “Hope Springs” DVD & Blu-ray details”“, “Emily Owens, M.D.” premiere: Mamie Gummer talks CW Show, mom Meryl Streep being a fan”“, “Hope Springs” – Meryl and Tommy Lee, interview with questions by fans!”“, Mamie Gummer on USA Today“; Updating: Changes“;

October 14 2012 – Posting: “Hope Springs” – New interview pieces“; Updating: “Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

October 13 2012 – Posting: “CAA’s Kevin Huvane honored by amfAR; a video mentioned with Meryl on set of “August” #2“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

October 12 2012 – Posting: “CAA’s Kevin Huvane honored by amfAR; a video mentioned with Meryl on set of “August”“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

October 11 2012 – Posting: A tribute to Ann Roth – Full video, Meryl’s speech“, An Ode to Ann Roth by Meryl Streep – Video!“; Updating: Changes“;

October 10 2012 – Posting: ““August: Osage County” – New photos on set“, “Memories of the 2012 Hamptons International Film Festival – Video“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

October 9 2012 – Posting: “New “Bill of Reproductive Rights” campaign attracts A-list celebrities“, “Meryl Streep draws the line – Video“, “The Charlie Foundation Gala on the CBS Evening News – 9/21/2012“, “Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones on “Hope Springs” – Video“, “CNN to start documentary film unit; “Girl Rising”“, “Tweets and photos, on set – “August: Osage County”“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

October 8 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep steals blouse from Sister-in-Law“; Updating: Changes“;

October 7 2012 – Posting: “A tribute to Ann Roth by AMPAS and HIFF – More photos + video!“, “A tribute to Ann Roth by AMPAS and HIFF – October 6, 2012; Photos!“, “A tribute to Ann Roth by AMPAS and HIFF – October 6, 2012; Meryl Streep as special guest“; Updating: “EventsChanges“;

October 6 2012 – Posting: “NY Times: Mamie Gummer, interview“; Updating: Changes“;

October 5 2012 – Posting: ““Into the Woods” – Meryl Streep in talks to join the cast?“, “Meryl Streep donates $1 million to The Public Theater in honor of Joseph Papp and Nora Ephron“; Updating: Changes“;

October 4 2012 – Posting: ““August: Osage County”: New on set pics, Meryl Streep“, “Mamie Gummer on USA Today, 5 questions – Video“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, EventsChanges“;

October 3 2012 – Posting: “Mamie Gummer on Jimmy Fallon late show – Video“, “Betty White on Meryl Streep – Interview“; Updating: Changes“;

October 2 2012 – Posting: “Starry “Into the woods” reading cast revealed; Meryl Streep expected to join film“; Updating: Changes“;

October 1 2012 – “Tina Fey on “Mommy & Me” with Meryl Streep: ‘It seems to have fallen apart for now’“; Updating: Changes“;

September 30 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs”: Spouses need to have their own lives, Tommy Lee says“, “Happy 34th anniversary to Meryl and Don!“; Updating: “Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

September 29 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – 2 new articles“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 28 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep narrates feature film “Girl Rising”“, ““August: Osage County” – Pic of Meryl as Violet finally!!“, “The Charlie Foundation honoring Meryl – New pics and tribute video“, “New possible project – Meryl Streep, Hilary Swank join Tommy Lee Jones in “Homesman”?“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

September 27 2012 – Posting: ““August: Osage County” continues filming in Bartlesville“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

September 25 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep, interview on Krone – “Hope Springs”“, ““Hope Springs”, Tommy Lee Jones on Le Grand Journal“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 24 2012 – Posting: “Charlie Abrahams & Meryl Streep Ketogenic Diet Conference – Video“, “Gummer checks in to “Emily Owens”; Attended iHeart Music Fest“; Updating: Changes“;

September 23 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep: “Sex is not a foreign planet”“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 22 2012 – Posting: “The Charlie Foundation Honoring Meryl – Article, PicsVideo!“; Updating: Changes“;

September 21 2012 – Posting: “Julianne Nicholson to play Ivy in “August: Osage County” film“, “Dailymail: “Hope Springs”, who would watch a drama about a couple with no sex drive?“, “Get insider look at “August: Osage County” film produced in Oklahoma“, “@JulietteLewis tweeting for “August: Osage County”“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

September 20 2012 – Posting: “The day Meryl asked her sex comedy film director – Can I have some kneepads?“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 19 2012 – Posting: “The Oscar nominations will now precede the Golden Globes“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “Scripts“, Changes“;

September 18 2012 – Posting: “Streep coming to Bloomingdale for epilepsy fundraiser“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 17 2012 – Posting: “Meryl on “The eye of the storm” premiere-Video; “Hope Springs” – $71,650,101 worldwide box office“, “Blog news – 10,000 views and some more“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 16 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – $64,400,667 box office“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 15 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs”, Streep: Hollywood ignores old people“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 14 2012 – Posting: “Mamie Gummer – Nylon Magzine and THR“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

September 13 2012 – Updating: “Metro – Meryl Streep: “Hope Springs” is totally relatable, it’s a world I’m familiar with“, “Hope Springs” – Meryl and Tommy Lee, interview new piece“, Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 12 2012 – Posting: “Mamie Gummer: “Emily Owens M.D.” Video“, “Ewan McGregor to play Julia Roberts’ husband in “August: Osage County”“, “Misty Upham joins “August: Osage County”“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, Changes“;

September 11 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Streep and Jones on Lorraine, interview“, “Meryl Streep: I was starstruck when I met president Obama and Michelle“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “August: Osage County (2013)“, Events“, Changes“;

September 10 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers #11“, ““Hope Springs” – Streep relished ‘freedom’ in film“, “How Meryl Streep could save your marriage“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 8 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Meryl and Tommy Lee, interview new piece“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 7 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Streep doesn’t have marriage tips“, “Meryl Streep: Women work harder for relationships“, ““August: Osage County” location director speaks at Bartlesville meeting“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, August: Osage County (2013)“,”Changes“;

September 6 2012 – Posting: “Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers #10“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Events“, Changes“;

September 5 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep on “The Eye of the Storm” premiere – September 4, 2012“; Updating: Events“, Changes“;

September 4 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers #9“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

September 3 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Meryl: Intimacy more taboo than sex“, ““Hope Springs” – Streep and Jones, interview“, ““Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers #8“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “Events“, Changes“;

September 1 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers #7“, “Venice 2012: Zac Efron goes Indie with “At Any Price”“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“, Header;

August 31 2012 – Posting: “Meryl and Tommy Lee on Good Morning America, “Hope Springs”“, ““Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers #6“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

August 29 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers #5“, “Meryl Streep: “I thought acting was silly”“; Updating: Changes“;

August 28 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers #4“, Sam Shepard in talks for “August: Osage County”“; Updating: “August: Osage County (2013)“, Just for fun“, Awards“, Filmography“, TV&Stage, “Changes“;

August 27 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep relaxes into normal with “Hope Springs”“, ““Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers #3“; Updating: “Release – “Hope Springs”“, Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

August 26 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers #2“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

August 25 2012 – Posting: “Benedict Cumberbatch joins “August”; “Hope Springs” – Sountracks list“; Updating: “Release – “Hope Springs”“, Welcome“, Hope Springs (2012)“, August: Osage County (2013)“,”Changes“; 

August 24 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Streep relights the fire“, “Countess Meryl of Downton Abbey?“, “Benedict Cumberbatch in talks to join “August: Osage County”“; Updating: ““Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers“, Hope Springs (2012)“, August: Osage County (2013)“,”Changes“;

August 23 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

August 22 2012 – Posting: “Old people, old stars: Hollywood’s new hot demo is saving the Box Office“, “HFPA announces timetable for the 70th annual Golden Globe awards“; Updating: Changes“;

August 21 2012 – Posting: “Matt LeBlanc interview – talking about Friends & meeting Meryl Streep on the Golden Globes“, ““Hope Springs”… Streep Soars!“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

August 20 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Another TV spot“, “InStyle Germany – September 2012 – magazine scans, interview“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

August 19 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Filmoghraphics“, ““August: Osage County” – More about the Boulanger home“, “Meryl Streep, interview“, “Teachers Rock – August 18, Meryl Streep – Video“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, August: Osage County (2013)“, “Awards“, “Changes“;

August 18 2012 – Posting: “Magazine scans – “Hope Springs”“, ““August: Osage County” – Open casting call location – Boulanger home“; Updating: August: Osage County (2013)“, “Changes“;

August 17 2012 – Posting: ““August: Osage County” – Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts movie open casting call location changed“, ““Hope Springs” – Marriage made in heaven“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, August: Osage County (2013)“, “Changes“;

August 16 2012 – Posting: “Is Meryl Streep our generation’s next Helen Gurley Brown?“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

August 15 2012 – Posting: “Teachers Rocks, August 18 – Photos, taping“, “Walmart, Right-Wing media company hold Star-Studded benefit promoting education reform film“, ““Hope Springs” discussion – Vanessa Taylor & Todd Black – August 12, 2012“, ““August: Osage County” signs up Dermot Mulroney“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, August: Osage County (2013)“,  “Changes“;

August 14 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Press conference, new photos“, “Is there Oscar ‘Hope’ for Streep and Jones?“, ““Hope Springs” – Press junket, new video“, “Open call for extras to be held saturday for feature film: “August: Osage County”“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, August: Osage County (2013)“,  “Changes“;

August 13 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – 2 new articles, reviews, photos“, ““Hope Springs” – New York Premiere, August 6 2012“, “Box office explained: Bourne opens at top; “Hope Springs” – $15,6 M“, “Streep, Jones offer new sort of romantic comedy“, “Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones get intimate in “Hope Springs”“, “Box office report; “Hope Springs” on 4rd place budget“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

August 12 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” Press Junket – New video“, “CBS Sunday Morning – August 12 – photo, article“, “CBS Sunday Morning – Watch live now!“, “Meryl Streep – Watch What Happens Live, photo; Estimates“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

August 11 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – New review by MSN“, ““Hope Springs” – Review by The Movie Stage“, ““Hope Springs” – New movie review“, ““Hope Springs” – Review by Upcoming Movies“, ““Hope Springs” – $3,2 M“, “The View, Watch What Happens Live, Good Morning America – new photos“, “MSN: Meryl Streep – 12 great performances, photos“, “Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts will begin filming “August: Osage County” in Oklahoma next month“. ““Hope Springs” – another review“, ““Hope Springs” – Streep, Jones – Press junket, video“, ““Hope Springs” – Streep, Jones and Carell – Charlie Rose, video“, “Watch What Happens Live – Meryl Streep; Video, full length“; New banner to this page, right; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “About“,Changes“;

August 10 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” for senior sex in Meryl Streep comedy“, “Hope Springs”: What critics are saying“, “Meryl Streep lets her hair down, says she’d ‘shag’ Jack Nicholson“, “Watch What Happens Live – Meryl Streep, another game“, “Watch What Happens Live – Meryl Streep, new photos“, “Watch What Happens Live – Meryl Streep, new piece, video“, “Thank you to the visitors! – 4000 visits“, ““Hope Springs” – Another review“, “Meryl Streep – Watch What Happens Live – 2 new videos“, “Meryl Streep – Watch What Happens Live – Video“, “Steve Carell on CBS news, “Hope Springs” interview – Video“, “Meryl Streep on Watch What Happens Live, ‘Spill the tea’ – Video“, “Watch What Happens Live – August 9 – Photos“, ““Hope Springs” – another review“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “August: Osage County (2013)“,  “Changes“;

August 9 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs”: Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep on sex scenes and the Suburbs“, “Hope Springs” eternal for couples with marital boredom“, “Streep & Jones ‘Hope’ to avoid a certain question – Video“, ““Hope Springs” Press Conference – new article + photos“, ““Hope Springs” – Discussion Apple Store on iTunes“, “Streep, Jones, Carell – red carpet, new interview, video“, “Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones – The View, video“, ““Hope Springs” – new video + new scenes!“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“,  “Changes“;

August 8 2012 – Posting: “60 and sexless, but “Hope Springs” Eternal“, “CBS Sunday morning – August 12, 2012“, ““Hope Springs” Clip: Streep and Jones have marriage tips – Some more scenes“, ““Hope Springs” – new reviews + interview“, “Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones draw uncomfortable laughs in “Hope Springs”“, ““Good morning America” – more photos“, ““Hope Springs” – Press conference, new photos“, “Geeking out on: Meryl Streep – video“, ““Charlie Rose” – Streep, Jones, Carell, Frankel – interview, video“, ““Hope Springs” – Press junket, video“, ““Good morning America” – photos“, ““Hope Springs” – 2 new reviews“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “Events“, “Release – “Hope Springs”“, “Changes“;

August 7 2012 – Posting: ““Good Morning America” – Streep and Jones, interview – video“, ““Hope Springs” – Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, interview, video“, ““Hope Springs” – David Frankel on sex scenes and Meryl Streep“, ““Hope Springs” – Interview, Charlie Rose; Get intimate“,”Meryl Streep is youthful in vibrant red and fetching glasses at the premiere of sixty-something sex saga, “Hope Springs”“, “Meryl Streep, interview – “Hope Springs” NY premiere“, ““Hope Springs” – NY, pictures“, ““Hope Springs”: Streep, Jones offer new sort of romantic comedy“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

August 6 2012 – Posting: “Dailymail – Meryl Streep appears on “Hope Springs” panel with Jones after kitchen knife injury“, ““Hope Springs” – new video“, ““Hope Springs” – The View, Meryl Streep, interview, faking orgasms, video“, ““Hope Springs” – Press junket, pictures“, ““Hope Springs” – another review“, ““Hope Springs” Discussion Apple Store, NYC – August 5, 2012“, ““Hope Springs” – new review and some more“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “Events“, “Changes“;

August 5 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – sexy senior moments“, ““Hope Springs” – new reviews“, ““Hope Springs” – new video“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

August 4 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – 2 new TV spots“, ““Hope Springs” – new reviews“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

August 3 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep takes Tommy Lee Jones to bed in “Hope Springs”“, “The view – Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones“, “Generation All: Movies for Older, by the Younger, “Hope Springs”“, “Tommy Lee Jones opens up for “Hope Springs”“, “Win tickets for “Hope Springs”“, ““Hope Springs” – Q&A with the producers“, “Watch What Happens Live – August 9, 2012“, ““Hope Springs” – another review“, “Meryl Streep has nothing to fear but herself – interview, “Hope Springs”“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “August: Osage County (2013)“, “Events“, “Release – “Hope Springs”“, “Changes“;

August 2 2012 – Posting: “Reviews, “Hope Springs”“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

August 1 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs”: Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, interview piece #3“, “Hope Springs – B-Roll – Streep, Jones, Carell – Behind the scenes“, ““August: Osage County” adds Margo Martindale“, ““Hope Springs” – 4 new vids, interviews“, ““Hope Springs” – 2 new production stills“, ““Hope Springs” – New production stills + on set“, “Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones – The View – August 8th“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “August: Osage County (2013)“, “Changes“;

July 31 2012 – Posting: “Exclusive Clip: Meryl Streep remembers her ‘first time’ in “Hope Springs”“, “Meryl Streep Fashion Snapshot Golden Globes 2007 – video“, ““Hope Springs” – 3 new videos, interview pieces (Youtube)“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

July 30 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs”: Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones, interview piece #2“, “Hope Springs Discussion Apple Store, NYC – August 5“, “Streep tease Returning to Theatre Asylum With Extended Run, 8/4-25“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “Events“, “Changes“;

July 28 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” new TV spot“, “Amy Adams may join Streep and Roberts in “August: Osage County”“; Updating: “Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

July 27 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs”: Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones, interview piece“, “Hope Springs” video – Streep and Jones get an intimate assignment“, “Streep, Jones, Carell – Interview + Behind the scenes, “Hope Springs”“, ““Hope Springs” – New trailer!; Updating: “Release – “Hope Springs”“, “Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

July 26 2012 – Posting: “New videos – “Hope Springs”, “Tom Wilkinson might play Meryl’s husband in “August: Osage County”“; Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “August: Osage County (2013)“, “Changes“;

July 25 2012 – Posting: ““Hope springs” eternal for Baby Boomer intimacy“, ““Hope Springs” will get the jump on the weekend, debuting on Wed. 8/8“, “Meryl Streep: “I’m not a fashionista”“, “Meryl Streep reveals beauty regime“; Updating: “New photos, scans – Meryl Streep, “Hope Springs” press conference“, “Teachers Rock – August 18“, Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“, Header;

July 24 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – new interview“, “New photos, scans – Meryl Streep, “Hope Springs” press conference“, “Teachers Rock – August 18“; Updating: “Hope Springs (2012)“, “Events“, “Changes“;

July 23 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” Colorado premiere – August 1“; New page (“Documentaries“); Updating: “Filmography“, “TV&Stage“, “Release – “Hope Springs“, “Changes“;

July 22 2012 – Posting: “Streep and Jones – secrets to the lasting mariege“, “Streep, Giamatti and Heemann lend voices to ‘The Roosevelts: An Intimate History’“; Updating: “Hope Springs (2012)“, Changes“;

July 21 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones – “Hope Springs”, interview pt2“, “New photos, “Hope Springs” press conference“; Update: “Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

July 20 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep goes “Into the Woods”“, “Meryl Streep – second major donation, Central Falls School“, ““Hope Springs” – First TV spot” “Meryl Streep, “Hope Springs”, interview – Press conference“, “Abigeil Breslin in “August: Osage County”“; New page (“Welcome“); Updating: “Hope Springs (2012)“, “August: Osage County (2013)“, “Events“, “About“,Changes“;

July 19 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs”: Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, interview #2“, “AARP movies for grownups – “Hope Springs”“, “Be on location, “Hope Springs”, Stonington Borough“; Updating: “Changes“;

July 18 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep – Press Conference, “Hope Springs”“, “Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones – “Hope Springs”, interview!!“, “Lewis in “August: Osage County” – takes the role of Riseborough“; Updating: “Changes“;

July 17 2012 – Updating: “Events“, “Changes“;

July 15 2012 – Posting: “Frankel about “Hope Springs” – Tommy Lee Jones“, ““Hope Springs” take a coffee break at Yellow House“; Updating: “Changes“;

July 14 2012 – Updating: “Just for fun” (Gallery), “Changes“;

July 13 2012 – Updating: “Just for fun” (Gallery), “Changes;

July 12 2012 – Updating: “Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

July 11 2012 – Posting: “Riseborough passed “August: Osage County“, “Hope Springs” – New Trailer!“; New page (“August: Osage County“); Updating: “Changes“; Easier navigation (Arrows up/down – bottom right corner);

July 10 2012 – Posting: “Nora Ephron’s Final Production: NYC Memorial Service Filled with Laughs and Stars“, “Meryl Streep, Martin Short pay tribute to Nora Ephron“, “Chris Cooper joins “August: Osage County” – Role“; Updating: Changes, “Filmography“,TV&Stage“, “Events“; Uploading: Icon;

July 9 2012 – Posting: “New Promotional Stills – “Hope Springs”“; New header, Meryl’s picture (right); New page (“Changes“); Updating: Hope Springs (2012)“, “Changes“;

July 8 2012 – Posting: “New Picture – “Hope Springs”“; New page (“Just for fun“, “FAQ“); Updating: “Changes“, Upcoming“, “Hope Springs (2012)“, “Scripts“, “About“;

July 7 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – Cast & Crew“, “Andrea Riseborough in “August: Osage County”“, “New Production Stills – “Hope Springs”“, “Release – “Hope Springs”“; Updating: “Changes“;

July 3 2012 – Posting: “Rome Film Festival, 2012“; Updating: “Changes“;

July 2 2012 – Posting: “Chris Cooper joins “August: Osage County”“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 28 2012 – Posting: “AFI Life Achievement Award – Meryl Streep presenting Shirley MacLaine, Video“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 27 2012 – Posting: “Nora Ephron (1941-2012)“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 25 2012 – Posting: “Meryl attends Kent Memorial Library’s lecture series“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 22 2012 – Posting: “Happy 63rd birthday, Meryl Streep!“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 20 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep – 8th highest-paid actress“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 19 2012 – Posting: ““The Iron Lady” – Interview“, “Clooney and Heslov producing “August: Osage County”“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 18 2012 – Posting: “Streep and Kline read “Romeo and Juliet” tonight“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 16 2012 – Posting: “Meryl Streep would reprise “Devil wears Prada” role“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 15 2012 – Posting: “Streep in Paramount Pictures’ 100th Anniversary“, “Meryl Streep attends Obama’s fundraising eventUpdating: “Changes“;

June 13 2012 – Posting: “Vanity Fair’s splendor in The Park – June 18 2012“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 12 2012 – Posting: “Cast, “Romeo and Juliet”“, “Meryl Streep honors Viola Davis on Film awards“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 7 2012 – Posting: “The bridges of Madison County goes on Broadway“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 6 2012 – Posting: “Meryl in Made in NY Awards“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 5 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” stills“; Updating: “Changes“;

June 1 2012 – Posting: ““The Devil wears Prada” gets a sequel“; Updating: “Changes“;

May 24 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Springs” – New still, “August: Osage County” gets international release“; Updating: “Changes“;

May 23 2012 – Posting: “Streep to present AFI Lifetime Achievement Award: Shirley MacLaine“; Updating: “Changes“;

May 17 2012 – Posting: “Streep makes it to Forbes 100′“; Updating: “Changes“;

May 13 2012 – Posting: “Kathy Bates officially out of “August: Osage County”“; Updating: “Changes“;

May 1 2012 – Posting: “Radioman“; Updating: “Changes“;

April 30 2012 – Posting: “Universal Studio’s 100 Anniversary“; Updating: “Changes“;

April 26 2012 – Posting: ““Hope Spings” trailer“; Updating: “Changes

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  1. I would really love to make a blog but.. I’m not sure what type of blogs get the most traffic? What kind of blogs do you surf? I mostly surf photo blogs and fashion blogs. Just getting a poll here thanks!.

    Anna – I don’t know, I made this blog not for traffic but because I just wanted to, because Meryl is my favorite actress so that’s why I decided to make a blog about her. I didn’t pay so much attention if the blog will get traffic or no..

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