A (temporary) goodbye

I’ve assumed that I don’t have enough time and, to be honest, the nerves to keep that blog up anymore. I think the time has come to actually give up on updating it. It was nice to turn it into a ‘sources’ blog because frankly it’s just already written articles added for you to find more easily. I’m terribly sorry to announce that now, right before the Awards season besides Meryl’s got so many projects that she’s currently working on (sorry to disappoint you). Exactly because of that I figured I won’t have the opportunity to post every single thing that’s about to come in the upcoming year and in future in general.

I have a Tumblr blog which I’m updating constantly so you can visit that if you want though it’s nothing to do with posting articles but photos mainly. You can also contact me on Twitter.

Finally I wanna say that I may go back to this website at some point that’s why I’m not going to shut the blog down so you can still check old articles, interviews, etc.

Although, in advance, I want to wish you all Happy holidays, hopefully a great year to be lying ahead of you filled with happiness, love and success. And of course let’s not forget that Meryl was nominated for a Golden Globe yesterday (the ceremony’s on Jan 12) The Oscars nominations are going to be announced on Jan 16 while the ceremony will be held on March 2. The SAG awards ceremony will take place for the first time on a Saturday on Jan 18. Au revoir! x


One thought on “A (temporary) goodbye

  1. Dear Anna

    I am so sorry that you are having to give up your Meryl Streep info blog especially as I always visited it every day. Do I assume that when I type in Meryl Streep info on Internet Explorer in future there will be nothing added after today.

    Thank you for keeping me in touch with all things Meryl.

    Good luck with everything you do.

    Heather Burdett

    Anna – Thanks, darling, for your kind message! I’m really sorry that I have to leave just now. But I really am not sure if I’ll be able to cope with all articles and videos etc. that are going to be leaked on the internet once the awards season has started.
    As I said I’m not going to delete the site so it’ll be left in the state that you see it at the moment. As for Meryl, I’ll still be going online every day, following her life and work, of course. In case you haven’t discovered it yet, you can visit the Meryl Streep Forum where fans gather and discuss Meryl and basically all articles that have been posted here you can find there too, as well as loads of photos and information that I haven’t added on here even. So it’s the perfect place for you to find any information about her that you need.
    If you want to get in touch as you can see I’ve left my Tumblr and Twitter, forgot to add my e-mail: gouzi008@hotmail.com.

    Best of luck to you too! I highly appreciate the fact that my blog’s been useful to you!! xx

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