Julianne Nicholson on working with Meryl Streep; the ‘dark’ ending of ‘August: Osage County’ is back!

Obviously the movie’s officially with the ‘dark’ ending featuring Meryl Streep:

Yup, we had the dark ending. A relief tbh.


TY, Very Glad to know the latest preview & final edit of August: Osage County now w/ Meryl Streep as last scene, a “dark” ending.


And what about Meryl?
Meryl is just…Meryl. It was a lesson every day. Her energy and her generosity whether she’s on-camera or off, it was inspiring. She never made me feel like I couldn’t be in a scene with her. But I was also terrified of her! When I saw what she was going to look like, I was just like, “Whaaat?” Then she puts those glasses down, and you see those piercing eyes. I was like, “Jesus Christ.”

Full interview with Julianne Nicholson


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