Abigail Breslin on working with Meryl Streep

In August: Osage County you get to work with Meryl Streep. What was that like?
Incredible. Getting to work with all of those actors was a complete dream come true. But to do it in one movie was also insane and terrifying.

Did you learn a lot?
Oh yeah. I remember my first day of filming and it was a scene with the whole cast. I just had one line so I thought, “Okay, this is great. Just one line. I just have to get through that one line and I’m done.” I did it the first take and it was fine. I got through it. And then, for the second take, they gave me all these props that I had to hold in the scene. A backpack. Sunglasses. A jacket. A giant Walkman. So I was like, “Oh, Dear Lord.” On the next take I dropped the sunglasses. I just froze and stared at everybody and thought, “Oh, gosh. I’m going to get fired.” But then Meryl Streep walked over and picked up the sunglasses and just started improving with them, and I was like, “Oh, so that’s how Meryl Streep handles a prop dropping.” It was awesome.

She saved the day for you.
She saved the day! Thank God. [Laughs]

Now you have an amazing Meryl Streep story.
I do? I do!



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