‘August: Osage County’ screening – Comments

Just saw a screening of August: Osage County. I have no words for Meryl Streep’s performance. She went from the best, to incomprehensible!

Tweet – @MattAngel23

Meryl Streep in A:OC is crazy good. The most wonderful kind of scenery chewing. Shocking, surprising, harrowing, funny, sad, amazing perf.

Tweet – @erikpatterson

I also loved Margo Martindale as the aunt. Everyone was good, actually. But it’s Meryl’s movie.

Tweet – @erikpatterson

I love the play so much, so I was nervous to see it. But I was happily surprised. Dinner scene is incredible.

Tweet – @erikpatterson


One thought on “‘August: Osage County’ screening – Comments

  1. What does mattangel23 actually mean by the term “incomprehensible”. Do you mean you couldn’t understand her or that she was so good you couldn’t describe how good she is.

    Anna – I didn’t mean anything since these were the actual tweets posted by other people, simply quoted so they don’t include any opinion of mine. However, more likely he meant she was inexplicable rather than difficult to understand.

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