Friends of Writers Spring Gala – May 6, 2013 – New photos

FriendsOfWritersSpringGala-000 FriendsOfWritersSpringGala-001-001 FriendsOfWritersSpringGala-001-005 FriendsOfWritersSpringGala-009-001 FriendsOfWritersSpringGala-012 FriendsOfWritersSpringGala-011-001 FriendsOfWritersSpringGala-010-002 FriendsOfWritersSpringGala-010-001 FriendsOfWritersSpringGala-013

Seems that it was some kind of family event.
And about the lipstick picture, they were auctioning a program with lipstick marks from some of the attendees, of course including Meryl’s. She helped Ellen Bryant Voigt to put it on without a mirror.

– Forum


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