Holland Taylor looks back on the greatest moments & memories from Ann’s Broadway run

What was the highlight of your time at the job?

A President of the United States, one William Jefferson Clinton, holding my hand to his cheek (still wet with tears) thanking me for the gift of a play about his adored friend. No – maybe he will forgive me when I say that during this visit, Meryl Streep, who sat next to him, talked with me intensely about acting, and playing a role of great scope. Meryl!! Meryl and me, talking shop—like friends. Beyond pleasure. Wait a minute… No—maybe the real slow honey was the look on Hillary Clinton’s face, she who had mother-henned the whole damn group, in a pack, to come to Ann. And among them, as well? A beautiful, sparkling Gabby Giffords, and her astronaut husband, Mark Kelly. (Hot.) When you asked for a highlight, you meant from just one night, right? And that gathering was immediately followed by the gang of 35 (!) or so Kennedy Center ushers, who had made a huge caravan trip, all of them, in their red jackets, up from Washington D.C., to see their Ann. All this, in one night.

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