Michael Cunningham on ‘The Hours’ and a probable new movie for Meryl Streep

Michael Cunningham: “The Hours surprised me, like sex”

Our interview with the Pulitzer Prize. As written, the new projects and another movie with Meryl Streep.

Michael Cunningham: "The Hours surprised me, like sex»
Less understood is self-satisfied. And it all started with one of his unconventional choices, when it did not want to deal with the screenplay of his most famous novel, The Hours and abandoned him to the keyboard by David Hare, a professional.

He got what he was looking for: the surprise and satisfaction. With a gift in addition, that tells with unexpected intensity and his face darkened, “We have talked about adapting the book to the movie, but the book was already an adaptation of life. Indeed Julianne Moore’s character was inspired by my mother,who was not a great reader. When I brought the book I was crazy, I thought she would be proud of me: my mother was a third, a third Virgina Woolf.


And she understood and I thought the movie was giving something to my mother that I was not able to give her with writing.”

By the way, what are you writing now? A lot of things, Cunningham says: “I’m running a script that tells the story of an illiterate woman who has an autistic son wise and decided not to send him to school to normalize, but to strengthen its qualities , which are physics and mathematics. The film is already almost under construction. As I’m writing another one for Meryl Streep,who will represent a separated woman with two children who can not keep secret her alcoholism. Finally I’m writing a novel about a man who has no religion, but a very personal spirituality. This is a subject very different from mine. ”


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