WHTR Honors Meryl Streep with Artist of the Week Award

Who Has The Remote? announced Meryl Streep as the Artist of the Week. Following a news article in The Los Angeles Times that featured the actress’s tribute to the late Margaret Thatcher, WhoHasTheRemote.com honors Ms. Streep for her numerous accomplishments in film, television, and theater.

Who Has The Remote? honors actress Meryl Streep with its Artist of the Week award, an award given to actors who have gone above and beyond in their achievements in the entertainment industry. The actress has starred in films of many genres, including drama, biopic, comedy, and children’s movies. Prompted by a Los Angeles Times report on Streep’s remembrance of Margaret Thatcher, whom she portrayed in the 2011 award-winning film “The Iron Lady”, Who Has The Remote? takes a look at Ms. Streep’s numerous contributions to the entertainment industry.

Celebrated for her versatility and known best for playing strong female leads, Meryl Streep has become a household name. The actress has been nominated for seventeen Academy Awards, more than any other actor in history. Of the three Oscars that she won, the most recent was for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for  “The Iron Lady”. She has also been nominated for 27 Golden Globe awards, also a record-breaking achievement, and has won eight of those. Channels provided through cable and dish deals showcase her movies on a regular basis.

Ms. Streep has a special talent for portraying successful women in biography films. Her depiction of the beloved Julia Child in the 2009 movie “Julie & Julia” was delightful, and her aforementioned role as former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher earned her even more respect from fans. Her role as an editor-in-chief at a top fashion magazine in 2008’s “The Devil Wears Prada” showed her in the role of a different type of successful woman: the intimidating ice queen.

In addition to her distinguished career and great talent, Meryl Streep presents herself as a humble person. She makes light jokes at her own expense in her award acceptance speeches, while also displaying grace and eloquence. For her illustrious history in the entertainment industry, WhoHasTheRemote.com honors Ms. Streep with its Artist of the Week award.

Who Has The Remote? named actress Meryl Streep as its Artist of the Week. Known particularly for playing strong female leads, the actress has shown great versatility in different genres, while still presenting herself as a humble and charming person. Her award-winning performance as Margaret Thatcher in the 2011 film “The Iron Lady” was recently labeled as “the most enduring cinematic portrait of the former British prime minister” by the Los Angeles Times.

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