Meryl Streep to play Altha Carter in The Homesman (2013)

The IMDb page of the upcoming movie ‘The Homesman’ was updated with some of the characters and actors who are going to portray them. Meryl’s going to portray Altha Carter, the Minister’s wife so she won’t play any of the 3 crazy women. Here’s the rest of the actors whose characters have been announced:

Tommy Lee Jones – George Briggs

Hilary Swank – Mary Bee Cuddy

Sonja Richter – Gro Svendsen

James Spader – Aloysius Duffy

Caroline Lagerfelt – Netti


2 thoughts on “Meryl Streep to play Altha Carter in The Homesman (2013)

  1. Do you know anything else about this part? Sounds like she might not have a big role in this movie since she isn’t Mary Bee or any of the insane women.

    Anna – Yes, it’s not a big role unfortunately. People who have read the book say she’ll be there for 1 or 2 scenes only.

  2. How very disappointing. Thanks for the information and update. I was really looking forward to this movie and not now since Streep isn’t really in it. Disappointed Tommy Lee Jones would do this and not give her a big role.

    Anna – I don’t want to make assumptions yet since I highly doubt Tommy Lee to leave Meryl with such a small role, you know.. Also her daughter Grace’s starring too so maybe they’ll have a scene together. And there’s always the fact that they have maybe changed the script so who knows..

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