Gold Derby: August: Osage County – Review

Sean…I was at the ‘screening’ in the city the other night… I belong to Nielsen and get comped screenings of certain films..I was placed in a “will call” section of the theater to make sure there was room…. and i got in… I’ve never seen a film so early before release date before…it was kind of weird..knowing this Oscar season just ended…. anyway I saw what i saw… some of it good, some of it not so good, some of it great… I saw the play with Deanna Dunegin within the first month of its initial opening on Broadway…. and I found the play moving and thrilling… but I did worry about the transferring to screen.. and with john wells signing on.. I was even more worried… but all the parts are acted by what seems like perfect actors… except Julia Roberts’ part… she is the weak link for me… I don’t like her much as an actress… the men are fine… especially Cumberbatch and cooper…. Martindale is fine as Mattie Fae…but as i knew it would be..this is a tour de force for Meryl…..and the kind of performance I think you usually don’t like…but IMO..she is at the peak of her skills as an actress..and this might be undeniably a nomination in the least.. I suspect that the film will undergo some more editing.. scoring.. and maybe even a scene or two cut completely… the audience responded with a thundering ovation… Harvey was there…schmoozing with the audience which consisted of a few studio big wigs, and industry people.. and mostly just a laymen audience…this film might get a couple more of these advance screenings to tweak audience excitement… and with Clooney, Heslov and Harvey as producers.. this film will get the royal Oscar treatment… but in the end.. the work must speak for itself….

Again, we still know next to nothing.

Gold Derby


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