Meryl Streep to narrate: ‘Wings of Life’ Trailer Reveals Slo-Mo Awesomeness of Birds and Bugs

The latest Disney Nature (out April on a DVD/Blu-Ray combo, on demand and in digital) follows the lives of the pollinators, the critters that play a vital role in the reproductive process of flowers, as well as most of the crops that put food on our tables.

Narrated by Meryl Streep, “Wings of Life” was shot around the United States, Canada, and Mexico using state of the art high-speed photography.On view in the trailer: hummingbirds hovering in place, feeding on the nectar; bees raising tiny clouds of pollen as they fly amid the petals; flowers literally bursting with fresh pollen in the spring sunshine; and butterflies fluttering gracefully over a garden just a stone’s throw from a majestic waterfall. This trailer is pure eye candy, affirming the film’s message of the crucial importance of these seemingly insignificant critters in our world.

Directed by Louis Schwartzberg, “Wings of Life” was originally produced under the wordy title “Hidden Beauty: A Love Story That Feeds the Earth,” and it was first released in France in 2011 as “Pollen” to generally enthusiastic reviews. And those who are interested in Disney Nature’s upcoming documentary “Bears” might want to give “Wings of Life” a look as well; a sneak preview of that 2014 release is included in the package.

Source & Trailer


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