Tracy Middendorf starts ‘Shutter To Think’ charity project; Meryl’s selfie with Hillary Clinton donation

An interview with the woman behind Shutter To Think:

Meryl Streep also donated an iPhone photo of herself and Hillary Clinton taken at the Kennedy Center honors reception early this month. What was the effect on the site’s traffic and the project itself?

That helped immensely. She was incredibly gracious to do that. I had received an email from her assistant a couple of days before asking if there was any sort of time frame for the project, and I wrote back saying, “No, this is gonna be an ongoing project and so anytime that she would like to donate, we would be very, very grateful”. And two days later, they sent over the photo, the iPhone photo that she took. And at first I was confused because I’m not on the internet all that much. I was a little confused and I wrote back saying, “So, Meryl Streep did take this photo, right, because that’s the requirement that the artist actually took the photo.” And her assistant came back to me and said, “Oh no. You should look at the web, it’s all over the web.”

But then I still wasn’t sure that it was an exclusive photo for us, and the more research I did, the more I found out that no one had this photo, that she donated this photo just to us. A few of the sites that had the picture of her taking the photo, said, “We sure would love to see that photo. I wonder where it is.” That’s when I emailed some of these publications and said, “We have the photo and so here it is.” And that was incredible because it went on the wire service globally and we had a tremendous amount of traffic based on that photo. I was just overwhelmed by her generosity, and she knew that that would be a great help for us for publicity. Well, she was wonderful. She signed the contract within two days, the certificate and the photo is now available. So, she was very quick to respond and to help.

I saw her speak at the “Women in the World” conference this past March, and she introduced Hillary Clinton. This is a conference once a year created by Tina Brown and it’s here in New York City and it’s extraordinary. It’s three days of people talking about women’s issues around the world and what they’re doing to help, what they need. Very inspiring. It was really wonderful to see Meryl Streep give this really beautiful introduction to Hillary Clinton. And then it was really great to get the photo, and so it kind of came full circle for me. I’m very happy to have it.