Meryl Streep – Reading ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’

Meryl Streep reading “The Velveteen Rabbit”. The official video you can see after the pic below, but the sound isn’t so clear so I put them up on 4shared. Click to download


Official video:


22nd Annual A Magical Evening Gala – November 28, 2012 – Video

A small vid with Meryl at some parts:

“Hope Springs” article – Glamour, Bulgaria

A small but great article for Meryl and a bit for “Hope Springs”. It’s nothing new but decided to post it anyway.. It came along with the photo of Meryl for the Vogue cover (2011):


Tender like a china doll or gigantically filling the screen with her presence; humble, fine and aristocratic or earthly and sensual – Meryl Streep is an actress chameleon that has an unattainable range of abilities. For the 35 years in the movie industry she has done so many and different roles that the pages of this rubric won’t be enough to mention them all. When, in 1989, she turns 40, Meryl says to her husband: “What are we going to do now? It’s the end of my career.” In the next year the star receives 3 whole invitations  to play a witch. The implied meaning is clear – after a certain age the women in Hollywood take place only in grotesque plots. At that time Ms. Streep hardly ever imagined that the best lies ahead – “The Devil wears Prada”, “Mamma mia!”, “Julie&Julia”, “It’s complicated”. But perhaps she would be shocked if someone’s told her that at the age of 63 she’ll take part in a movie in which everything’s all about… sex.

In “HopeSprings” Kay (Streep) and Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) are a cute family couple but after 30 years of marriage Kay wants to get the sparks and freshness back into the relationship with her husband. When she finds out that in a small town there’s a famous specialist in couples counseling (Steve Carell), she decides to make her skeptical husband, lost in the daily routine, to go there together. The challenge to persuade Arnold to join her into the program is hard, but the real challenge comes after that when the two must bring some novelties in the bedroom and renew the flames again that lit their love.

Meryl Streep Speaks, Mandy Patinkin Sings at Lois Smith Memorial

It was one of the most moving and heartfelt salutes I’ve been to ever: a memorial for the greatest press agent/publicist of them all, Lois Smith. After the event that was held last month in L.A. I didn’t think we could do better. But Leslee Dart put it together, and Rosie O’Donnell hosted it at the 92nd St. Y in a bright red jacket to toast our pal Lois, famous for the red coat and the red lipstick.

Meryl Streep spoke, Mandy Patinkin spoke, and sang from “Sunday in the Park with George”; Lois’s actress daughter Brooke and her publicist granddaughter Brianna (both chips off the old block) reminisced, fighting back tears; Peter Travers or Rolling Stone represented the press and did a great job, making me recall our good old days at the original Russian Tea Room. Robert Redford’s name was invoked a lot was Robert Altman’s.


“She had this idea that we could have personal lives,” Streep observed. And by the way, Meryl looked really stunning, very slim, and fashionable, just like a movie star. Then she stayed and gabbed with everyone, and had a nice long chat with McDormand during the small reception.

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