“Hope Springs” – Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, interview

And another interview for the Italian magazine Leiweb with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones who co-stared in the sex dramedy “Hope Springs”. Read the translated version below:

Love matters (sex sometimes)

Aged 60 and film talk about the loss of libido (him). In life instead …


The bride and groom unhappy marriage that I would like (in the cinema), in life, on the contrary, very satisfied. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones respond in unison: “Our movie in America has had a ban on children under 13 years alone, and not that of 18. It was important because this is not a movie about sex, but the story of the life of a couple, they play an important role even adult children. Not to mention the sex therapist, played by Steve Carell, from which she brings her husband, with the hope of riaccenderne desire. ” 

The film is the wife who wants to return to the passion and sexual agreement early. Is it realistic to say that women are, today, the first not to accept the routine affective? 

Meryl Streep: “Yes. Sex is no longer taboo and even mothers / wives read the investigations on the theme and magazine websites: those who first dealt only Cosmopolitan. Today everybody writes of the erogenous zones and give advice on how to achieve and to achieve pleasure to the partner. Mothers and daughters talk about it without any problems. It is obvious that every woman and mature wife wants to have a complete and satisfactory under the sheets. ” 

Tommy Lee Jones: “Frankly, I do not know. But it is true that the wives are no longer passive: if the desire of the spouse fogs are alarmed, endeavor to be desirable at any age. ” 

How do you think you can keep awake and, say, a lively desire bruised from everyday life, worries, taxes to pay? 

MS: “Today, with much candor than when they were engaged: take time, evenings, small holiday to spend together. We actors hardly have a life habit, but we run the opposite risk: the couple also needs security. My husband and I love to do lots of short holidays abroad. We love the Tuscany. ” 

TLJ: “I like the small gestures. Often marriages fail, and the desire goes out because everyone is wrapped in egoism in their own insecurities. But also the complicity and the ability to be honest in confessing their inhibitions help. ” 

Who loves most in the pair of the film? 

MS: “Arnold loves his wife, but Kay wants something more, as a woman. Husband wants a complete and friendly affection, the total gift that he innegabilemente, gives. Women, quite rightly, want to have it all, at any age: love, work, love, children, love. Kay claims all of this for love, not for ambition and selfishness. ” 

TLJ: “Arnold, no doubt. For him sex is not the first thought. I think it’s a mistake to try, now consolidated in a marriage, the passion and the obsessive love of youth. When by chance happen, because the attractions are incalculable, they are always dramas. Nevertheless, I believe that it is for women to keep awake the desire “

Today there is more trust between husband and wife, we talk more freely about sex? 

MS: “Certainly. The newspapers are full of surveys on sex, Viagra, what men want in bed, on erotic fantasies. The stresses are important. ” 

TLJ: “The world has changed. Confidence has become essential in the couple. The lack of inhibitions and taboos is total. But the truth is that every relationship has its balances and imbalances: no matter how many years you are together. The lack of desire also affects young people. ” 

The programs of sexual psychotherapy in America are among the most popular: some advisers have enriched themselves by writing best-selling books. 

MS: “Some aid is true, some not. It is also true that the transmission of Oprah Winfrey on sex, with confessions live, are those with the highest audience. This shows that it is really an issue that affects everyone. ” 

TLJ: “But I hate those programs populated by supposed scholars of sex, made ​​for television audiences who seek thrills and have morbid curiosity. It is true that certain sexual therapies are useful: alone is not always the right way. ” 

After this film, you realize that something is missing in your life as a couple? 

MS: “Yes, but not private individuals. I would like to get back the same entuasiasmo to work when I was young and did theater in the parks of New York. There was also a physical component, it was as if the bodies and minds were one. Today this work is commodified … “. 

TLJ: “I have not noticed any lack. Of course now I’m even more convinced that man must never forget the romance. Because if you bring a rose to your wife by putting the same passion with which the stories of the game of golf with your friends, then it means that you will love forever. ” 




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