The Women for Women International Cookbook – By Meryl Streep

“The Women For Women Inernational Cookbook100 Inspirational Recipes That Celebrate Our Common Humanity”
by Meryl Streep

It seems that Meryl will be publishing a cook book! 🙂 Here’s what is written about it on Amazon:

WfWI’s first cookbook follows their goal to bring positive change to women in countries where war and conflict has devastated lives and communities. Chapters include Well-being: Healthy, Everyday Recipes from Afghanistan and South Sudan, with contributions from Alice Waters, Emma Thompson and Annie Lennox; Nurture: Nutritious Family Recipes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, plus contributions from Jamie Oliver, Mia Farrow and Alice Walker; Community: Generous Recipes Perfect for Sharing from Rwanda and Kosovo, with contributions from Dame Judi Dench and Christiane Amanpour; Trade Recipes focussing on produce grown as a result of WfWI’s farming initiatives, with contributions from chefs like René Redzepi; Celebration: Bringing the Global Peace Table to Celebrate our Shared Humanity, with contributions from Ben & Jerry and America Ferrara.


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