Digital drawing – Meryl in “Mamma mia!”

I wanted to make this post just because of the fact I wanted to share with you what I drew today with my graphic tablet. It’s kind of brief try to draw Meryl from “Mamma mia!”.:


Click for larger size.

Took me about 8 hours and still there are details that aren’t finished so far.. But I was eager to share it so I got lazy to edit them for now. XD It’s my 4th try on the tablet, but the 1st ‘serious’ and ‘finished’. Hope you like it. (:

  • Drawn with a graphic tablet Bamboo, used Photoshop CS6 and the original colors from the photo (Didn’t copy anything, just was looking at the picture).
  • Didn’t use any psds, blending modes, options etc.
  • Used 3 types of brushes with changing only the opacity.
  • Used 1 layer only.
  • Spend most of the time on her face and just the skin, then the hair (next time, when I’m enthusiastic to edit it, will take the time on it in details) and at the end, it’s evident I guess, on her dress. (:

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