Meryl Streep thinks Julia Roberts is childish

Interesting article by Shobizspy. Think it’s just a rumor if we have on mind the source which is full of gossips but anyway..

MERYL Streep has been rolling her eyes at costar Julia Roberts — because of the actress’ behavior on the set of their new movie.

Roberts plays Meryl’s daughter in “August: Osage County”.

According to the National Enquirer, on location in Oklahoma, both Academy Award-winning stars get fancy-schmancy contract perks like daily flowers in their dressing trailers, special gourmet meals, flat-screen TVs, high-end sound systems, exclusive hair and makeup people, etc.

But when Julia arrived, she instantly bitched that Meryl’s dressing trailer was better than hers and demanded a new one.

“That made Julia happy for about five minutes,” a source said.

“But then she complained that Meryl’s trailer was closer to the actual set than hers. That really made everyone groan — it was closer by just a few FEET!

“But Julia insisted, so the crew were summoned to make her trailer exactly even with Meryl’s.”

“It’s been one thing after another with Julia, but Meryl just smiles and never says a word. She’s a total pro and won’t let herself get caught up in what she’s privately called ‘childish antics.’ ”



2 thoughts on “Meryl Streep thinks Julia Roberts is childish

  1. Even if it is just a rumour, I am sure that Meryl Streep will always rise above such things – I reckon she doesn’t care about better than anyone else or as important. Mind you, to me she is way above everyone in her acting and the way she conducts herself. She is fantastic.

    Anna – Well she thinks she’s overrated you know.. 😀 I agree with you! Still if you have on mind the source it sounds like gossiping anyway.. But she’s over everyone else indeed!

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