Etymology of the name Meryl

A little article in French for the etymology of the name Meryl. Here’s the English version (Thanks for the translation to MadyClo,

“Name of the day : Meryl

Are you searching a name for your future daughter? For the new movie “Hope Springs” with the actress Meryl Streep, discover the history of this name.

Etymology of the name

The name Meryl is from the hebrew and means “the one who raise”. This name is given to 2000 persons approximately in France but still not very assigned. We honor Meryls the 8th October.


To the base, this name is joint and we consider it’s the english for Muriel (french name). It imposes itself as a real name at the begging of the XXth century. Meryl is particularly given english and american countries especially in Scotland and Wales. It’s only on 1990, that the name Meryl spreads faintly with any doubt because of the success of Meryl Streep.


Meryl is an energetic and very ambitious woman. In her career, she may be authoritarian/bossy but she still stays sympathetic and her joy of living (‘joie de vivre’) is very communicative. In her privacy, she is very independent but very attached to her family.


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