“Hope Springs” – 2 new articles

2 new articles-interviews with Meryl for “Hope Springs” have been published, one for the Italian press, the other – in France magazine. Read them below, you’ll see the original articles, the sources I took them.

Meryl Streep

Three Oscars, seventeen nominations: the star is a chameleon recordwoman warming. And arguably the greatest actress in the world. In All hopes are allowed (1), desperate housewife shy, she dazzles again. Meeting with a legend of cinema, without affectation.

Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills, hub meetings “promo” between the stars and the media. In a continuation of the seventeenth floor, two interviews, Meryl Streep needs to stretch his legs. She waits, standing with his back partner All hopes are allowed, the taciturn Tommy Lee Jones, left for a coffee break. Wearing a blouse and trousers matching glossy brown fluid, almost no makeup, she assumes a radiant through these scratches time hated by her sisters. The star nearly missed his plane to New York. “I left my passport at home. “We imagine the delight of conscience surreal air security officer responsible for authenticating one of the most famous faces in the world. “They let me go after checking my phone number unlisted. They had, without daring to admit, in fact! “She said with a laugh fluted. His sharp intelligence, joie de vivre and his modesty amadouent all, including Tommy Lee Jones, notoriously grumpy. The hero of Men in Black says: “I was desperate to play her husband in the film, just for the pleasure of finally turn with it. ‘

(1) From David Frankel, starring Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell. In theaters October 10.

“Play has always been a form of therapy”

Madame Figaro.  After diving in the corridors of power in The Iron Lady, all hopes are you back to a more everyday reality: an American average of 60 years, who wants to (re) to spice up her marriage.Why this choice?
Meryl Streep.  They have been married for thirty-one years. She wants to find love and sexual relations with her husband (Tommy Lee Jones), but he prefers watching golf on TV. The throes of Kay, my character, are extremely common in the 50 years and over. These concerns have talked to me because they are universal.However, the mainstream cinema never addressed the issue. The movie All hopes are dealing with our profound aspiration become taboo to be intimately connected to the other. Talking about sex or show is no longer a concern. It is much more difficult to reveal his vulnerability, sadness, loneliness facing each other. Kay and Arnold are faced with the need to express their need for love and recognition, overcoming their fears and shame.

Desperate housewife, Kay wears blouses with flowers and jewelry kitsch. A thousand miles from the wardrobe of classy Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada. Have you had your say about the costumes?
I went shopping in a mall in suburban New York, for her and for me! One way of appropriating the character. I grew up in New Jersey, his world is familiar. I raised my children between Greenwich Village and the countryside, in an environment unless connected.


Meryl Streep, screen legend.Guerin Photo NIcolasI confess: I’m not a fashionista! I shop at the mall.Finally, unfortunately, fewer: they recognize me before.And I’m mortified at the thought of being unmasked, if the idea of ​​me would disguise myself.

Kay and Arnold have left the routine and silence settled between them. Have you experienced this in thirty-four years of marriage?

My husband and I have our ups and downs, but not the problem of loss of communication or blunt desire. I understand it is easy to let go, with her children, her friends, her husband or wife. We finally consider the place of another, we make assumptions, even if we know that this is not a good idea. Avoid this imprisonment is a constant challenge. Play has always been a form of therapy. When I was shooting The Devil Wears Prada,my job was to be disgusting with all my partners.Evening, to compensate, I was paying attention to Don(Gummer, her husband, sculptor, Ed). Me in the shoes of Kay reminded me that it is good not to consider the relationship to the other for granted.

“This job has made me and makes me happy”

The young actresses who are asked if they do not fear a slowdown in their careers past 35 years cite your life. Hoping you have such a career?

Far from it! The year of my 40 years, I have received three scenarios where I intended to play… a witch. I told Don, “It is finished. “I have waited 57 years to become abankable box-office (for “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Mamma Mia!”). I know some actors my age paid at union rates, 500 dollars a week. I had the opportunity at one time in Hollywood, some women become decision makers and ride films to a wider audience than teenagers.

You are the most awarded actress in the world: seventeen Academy Award nominations (a record), and you have won your third statuette for “The Iron Lady”. How do you the status of living legend of Hollywood?

It is foreign to me! It is like a bouncing ball on me. It does not hurt me, but it does not reassure me either. I do not think I fell asleep at night. My family helps me keep my feet on the ground. At home, children, I have never been “Meryyyl Streep” (it extends the “y”), but mostly a driver and a wallet!


Meryl Streep. Nicolas Guerin Photo

Your daughters Mamie (29) and Grace (26 years) became actresses. Because you did not know dissuade?

I told them everything: “No, yes, OK, but expect a plan B. “They have made their own way, of course! Grace studied art history and Italian, but Mamie was more candid: she spent a theater license! Today, the proliferation of magazines and websites makes the idea of ​​a normal life difficult to maintain out trays. I pity the young actresses who start: life should be as “stylized” their roles, which was not the case for my generation.But I am especially proud that my girls do not be intimidated by the reputation of their mother. They know how much this job has made me and makes me happy.Long as it lasts!

France translated version


Meryl Streep has a great desire to talk about his new film, the romantic comedy “for seniors” Hope Springs, directed by David Frankel, in which she starred opposite Tommy Lee Jones are two spouses retire, seeking to revive the also thanks to their love of a couple’s therapist (Steve Carell).

“It’s an opportunity to talk intimately about important things, common to all, but are rarely seen in the cinema (and) people of our age,” says the actress, 63 years still beautiful and in great shape. “Hope Springs is our Blue Valentine,” he adds, laughing, referring to the recent film, Love and sex, with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. A different generation, of course, but with problems not dissimilar to those of parents and grandparents, couples and loves of long duration.

Streep knows something, 34 years married to sculptor Don Gummer, with whom he has four children (three girls and one boy, now widely adults). Three-time Oscar winner (the last one in February for The Iron Lady), Streep is monogamous for excellence among the stars of today. Mary Louise Streep began singing with musical school and studying: the music was his first passion.

She made her debut in theater in Vermont, go to the School of Drama at Yale University, became an actress (using the disk), the New York Shakespeare Festival, Joseph Papp. In ’77-78 debut on The Deadliest Season in video and in the miniseries Holocaust, in a movie Julia and The Deer Hunter.

later, he won his first Academy Award, opposite Dustin Hoffman in Kramer vs. Kramer, 82 doubles statuette thanks to Sophie’s Choice. No one in the history of cinema has had many nominations as you (17): 12 is Jack Nicholson.

D: Meryl, it is true that he wanted to play in “Hope Springs” also because of Tommy Lee Jones?
A: Absolutely. Tommy Lee and I have known for a lifetime, since the beginning, we both played at the Public Theatre in New York. It was very good, I remember that in a play by Sam Shepard. And after all these years, Hope Springs is the first film in which we finally have proposed to work together: an opportunity not to be missed. And then no one like him can do the husband bitchy and annoyed but with a heart of gold! Tommy was also enthusiastic, generally do not offer the parts of the genre. In a sense, then, the film belongs more to him is his character that changes. I instigate, the soul with my love, my desire, but that he will make the journey.

Q: Is there a lot of therapy in this film, do you think that can really help a couple? 
R: It’s entirely individual. I’ve seen people helped and others for whom treatment has failed. But I’m no expert.

Q: Hope Springs says her love scenes explicit: not embarrassed at her age? 
R: I do not do neither hot nor cold, and because of my age! (Bursts out laughing, ed.) A scene is a scene of love or another it makes no difference. The important thing is to be honest.

Q: What makes it even nervous, then, when acting? 
A: The only time I feel nervous is when I have to make a speech in public, dressed as myself. For example, the night of the Oscars. Do not ask me to get on the podium and … be myself. Can I make speeches in the role of Margaret Thatcher, not on mine. It is so since I was a little girl. Not only acting I liked, but any form of entertainment, I was a cheerleader even though I had the braces and glasses. Well, not really a Jane Mansfield.

D: It was easy for her to make his way in the movies? 
A: I helped my theatrical experience. Robert Benton, the director of Kramer vs.. Kramer, I had seen her in a staged Memory of Two Mondays by Arthur Miller, on Broadway, and in the miniseries Holocaust. The specimen with Dustin Hoffman was comic and we knew we were afraid of smascherarci each other.Actress novice, as I was, it always feels a bit ‘impostor. After the success of that film were Manhattan and Sophie’s Choice. Great success. But there was always something wrong: I was not pretty enough, I had a long nose, angular face, I criticized the tendency to play characters not Americans, so with foreign accents … Or because I was too good! After Silkwood (’83) I have not suffered the torture of the specimens. It is a great relief, the luxury of the actress stated.

Q: will soon be seen in August: Osage County, alongside Julia Roberts and Juliette Lewis.There is this? 
R: I have a woman who smokes like a Turk, is drug-dependent and suffering from mouth cancer. The film is set in a house in Oklahoma, with all the blinds down, perpetually shrouded in shadow. It is taken from a play, very intense, Tracy Letts, and required the maximum contribution to us actors. But despite all his anguish, Ibsen would say, has something vital. It ends up being a hymn to life.

Q: We often talk of a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada. But, you will never do? And she’ll be there? 
A: The mere thought exhausts me! To play back the diabolical Miranda Pristley I get my body back on a diet and do a lot of exercise. Even the idea gives me a sense of exhaustion. In fact, maybe we’ll do it, but I prefer not to think too much! It is easier to interpret an old woman with Alzheimer’s, if you insist to know.

Q: You are the living exception to the rule that Hollywood there are no good roles for actresses of a certain age … 
A: There are so give them all to me! (Again burst out laughing heartily, ed.) Seriously, today there are more women directors or screenwriters, as Vanessa Taylor, author of Hope Springs, and more TV roles interesting things are changing, and not just for me! Then fortune favors. At my artistic longevity was the fact of not doing the snob, to accept a bit ‘of everything, to be always prepared to change their gender or style. In a world like that film is in full development, including market forces in the field today are also women, who understand how the stories of other women, whatever age they may take, can attract the general public. And they deserve to be told.

Q: Returning for a moment to Hope Springs, what makes a lasting marriage? 
A: As the film says, it all depends on how much you want to live. And how much you want to deal with all the problems that come with the existence, even daily. Species with a person you live with for thirty years.Ignore the fact that there are problems is the main danger for every couple. There is no easy relationship, which does not require a constant. But if there is an affinity between the spouses, as thirty years of cohabitation should provide, and there is still a little ‘joie de vivre, anything goes.

Q: But there is a secret special, particular, the longevity of her marriage to Don? 
R: That’s a kind of few words. The rumor I take it all. He listens and receives. And he loves me as I am: hyperactive and eager, even at my age. He is an artist, introverted and introspective. I’m a fake artist, a mask. He is a sculptor of matter, I expressions. That is, an odd couple in its own way perfect.

Q: Is there something that he now hopes? 
A: Grandchild! My daughter Mamie is married to a very nice guy (the actor Benjamin Walker, ed) and I hope that something will happen! And I’m always anxious for the next time that I expected. Someone once said that the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time and help others to make them happy, be. I firmly believe. And then I’m fine, apart from the knees. The knees are a problem, but the rest is healthy!

Italian translated version


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