Meryl Streep: “Sex is not a foreign planet”

New article by – an interview with Meryl for her new movie “Hope Springs”. The original version is in German so that’s the translated version. At the end you can see the 2 sources. Read it below:

The Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep on their decades of marital bliss, talking about sex and new evidence that has her working on her new film “gives Like the first time.”

The silver-gray hair fool you. And also the date of birth. Because Meryl Streep has the charisma of a young girl. A bright, cheerful, lively look that focuses the opposite. The twilight mood in the suite of the Four Seasons Hotels in Los Angeles is as well forget. Only the sharp intelligence and pronounced pronunciation fit into a world experienced 63-year-olds.

In “Like the first time” talk openly about sex. Do you find it difficult?

Meryl Streep: I did not feel uncomfortable. It’s a familiar theme, which is part of our lives. It was not like I could explore an alien planet. I rather think it is embarrassing younger people, older listen in such conversations. Where we should not confuse two things: Many people who talk openly about sex, are not capable of intimacy, to talk about her need for love and togetherness.

In the film, you are stuck in the routine of a long marriage, from which all the passion is gone. Do you know that feeling?

Of course. You can be locked up in a relationship where you are for the other as dead – and the other for you. This is like a coffin. It is not uncommon and not funny. You have to look like something out fight.

And you know this from personal experience?

Yes – because I am an actress. I lote from all kinds of experiences, that’s my job. However, these are the experiences of other people. To me it is fortunately not so delivered, but I know couples who are goes like this.

But you and your husband Don Gummer recently celebrated your 34th Wedding anniversary. What exactly is the plan for a good marriage?

The short answer is: We just fit very well together. We have common interests – for example, policy, we read a lot, but we also accept, if not the same like the others. Nevertheless, there are no fixed strategies. A key is that you set up on the other. It’s not easy to be married to an actress (laughs). At times I am very focused on my work. If my husband is not an artist himself, he probably would have trouble with it. So I have to tell him when I’m done with the nerves. But I feel the urge to create something creative. He knows himself, so he is sympathetic. I do not know what I’d do without him.

That is, it adapts perfectly to your needs. And how is it with you?

Since the same applies. I’m willing to bend my times and also times to keep quiet. A relationship is a good part of negotiations. Only then do you manage a balance between the needs. And I backed down repeatedly made breaks between films.

You work on this film has brought new insights?

She encouraged me in certain insights. We all tend to self-righteousness – in any kind of relationship.Because we believe that we know what the other person thinks and how she reacts. We make assumptions, and that’s not always a good idea.Besides, I thought: My God, nobody is making a film about what to wish people my age – to get noticed, that you understand their intimate needs. In the cinema is an unexplored country.

But now there are films like “Like the first time”. And you are at the forefront of this change.

I know I can hardly believe it myself. I expected that I would have to go with 40 retired. The film industry has evolved: There are more women in management, more writers and directors. But it’s not as if I get 50 great screenplays per year. And the films are further made primarily for men. If a couple wants to go to the movies, although women make the decision, but it will depend on the tastes of men.

Is that really so?

However, I have three daughters. Sometimes they watch a action blockbuster in the cinema. I ask, “the really interested you?” Tell all. “No, but he wants to see him” So we have a little way to go. But I am sure the world will be better for us all, for men and women.




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