“Hope Springs” – Videos, spoilers

One great great Streeper who saw the movie in cinema 2 days ago recorded some parts of the movie and uploaded the clips online. At first I thought “Oh no, I won’t watch it, I don’t wanna get spoiled or something.. I will wait, it’s not that big deal.” but some other people saw it, began tweeting about it and I thought “Ok, ok, I can’t wait another month so maybe will take a look..”. So I saw the 3 clips (she uploaded only 3 vids, but told us she’ll go to watch it again on Saturday and will record more scenes). So if you are curious and you can’t wait much longer, I’ll put them here. For me they are something like new TV spots/trailers. 😀 So it wasn’t that big deal to watch them (and better watch, I am freaking out here, I am really excited :D) so you’ll probably will wanna see them too. It’s really funny! 😀 But and kind of sad.. 😦 Also the uploader (her Twitter: @kaitybby17 <<< If you have Twitter account – Follow, follow, FOLLOW!! You have many reasons to do that, you won’t be sorry! :D) recommended to read the description of the 3rd clip before watching so to have an idea of what they are talking about:

Edit: She uploaded the 4th clip too (how she said – “You’re gonna die” 😀 ):


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