InStyle Germany – September 2012 – magazine scans, interview

2 new magazine scans from the German magazine InStyle and an interview with Meryl Streep:

Credit by Tina,

Translation (by Hanni):

Diva with a heart

Oscar-winner Meryl Streep (“The Iron Lady“) explains, why she is still happy after 34 years of marriage, and why closeness is more important than sex and a journey can function as couples therapy:

Meryl Streep looks more beautiful in person than on the big screen. Her face is almost flawless, without marks from cosmetic corrections, just some wrinkles and lines are visible. Pure and honest naturalness. The 63-year old actress is relaxing on a couch in the “Four Seasons”-Hotel in Beveryl Hills. She is wearing black trousers, a cream-coloured blouse, a silver necklace, a few rings and an affectionate smile. The tree-times oscar-winner appears like a still loved-up woman. The love is lost in her new comedy “Hope Springs”, and she tries to get it back with her hubby Tommy Lee Jones in couples-therapy.

In “Hope Springs” you are stuck in a marriage without sex and passion. Are you familiar with this feeling?

Fortunately, I didn’t experience that kind of marriage, but I do know some of those couples. I have a lot of girlfriends and we share a lot. Some feel like a convict in the relationship and some feel dead. You have to fight in these situations. But still, there are aspects I share with this character. You think you know what your partner thinks or how he is going to react. It is a self-righteous behaviour and this could be problematic sometimes. 

You are celebrating 34 years of marriage with your husband Don Gummer this year. That’s not just a record in Hollywood.

Our relationship has a good foundation: our love. I need it so bad, I could not live without love. And we just fit together. We share commen interests, politics also. We read a lot, but we accept another opinion, if the other doesn’t like the same. My husband, for example, plays golf. Just not my thing.

That’s the good plan for a happy marriage already?

It doesn’t exist. One key is: you have to adjust. It’s not easy being married to an actress (laughs). Sometimes I’m just fixated on my job and I have to lay all my emotions into it. If my husband wasn’t an artist also, he would have problems with that for sure. I don’t have to explain, if my nerves are on edge. It’s never him, it’s the role I have to do. But I have the urge to create. He is familiar with this and because of this the is very understanding. I don’t know, what I would do without him. He is the best. 

This means, he is adjusting to your needs. What about you?

It’s the same with me. I’m willing to bend because of him, or to shut up sometimes. A relationship consists of trials with your partner, also now, that our kids are out of the house. Like this you find a balance between the diverse needs. I don’t play the big star at home, sometimes I step back and quit making movies. So we spend a lot of time together and we can go on vacations. He’s very happy about that.

How do you keep sex and passion alive in your long marriage?

Sex is a familiar phenomen in the landscape of live. But I think, that the younger generations have problems with older people talking about sex. They don’t connect us with that. Sex is not essential in a marriage, more the need for intimacy and closeness. As well, when we are alone or sad. The desire for love is our true need. 

How bad do you want that fourth oscar?

(Laughs) The appreciation of my colleagues is important for me. The oscars are just better dust-catchers.


3 thoughts on “InStyle Germany – September 2012 – magazine scans, interview

  1. My husband and I loved “Hope Springs” We are both 70 years young, been married for 52 years. Meryl is right that intimacy and love make the marriage last. Also Meryl is my favorite actress and I love all her movies. I think she should get an Oscar.

    Anna – I am so happy you both loved the movie! ^^ I still need to wait for the release here but anyway it worth it. :/ So I haven’t watched it yet but I really want to. 😦 Meryl’s my favorite actress too. ^^ I don’t know if she will get an Oscar this time. Saw an article that says she won’t be as a nominee but as a presenter next year. 😦 But I am not sure it’s official and confirmed information so let’s hope she will win this time too. ^^

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