Meryl Streep lets her hair down, says she’d ‘shag’ Jack Nicholson

A little article on Yahoo with a video piece from the show:

With her decades of renowned film work and a shelf full of Oscars, you might think that Meryl Streep is a little… well, snooty. But the grande dame of American acting blew our minds last night when she happily got down and dirty with host Andy Cohen on Bravo’s late-night talk show “Watch What Happens Live

Stopping by to promote her new film “Hope Springs,” Streep gamely played along with Andy as he grilled her in the nothing-is-off-limits quiz “Plead the Fifth,” where he hammers celebs with uncomfortable questions. In fact, the unflappable Streep didn’t even blink when asked which of her famous co-stars she would “Marry, Shag, Kill”: Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, or Robert Redford.\After a brief pause to clarify the rules, Streep jumped right in, starting with “Redford… marry, maybe?… yeah, okay,” giving the question a surprising amount of thought. The next one was easy, though: “Jack, shag,” she said without hesitation — and adding a devilish grin to boot. (Hear that, Jack?) And she finished by killing off poor Dustin Hoffman with a ruthless throat-cutting motion. We love this Laid-Back Meryl!

And those weren’t the only revelations we got from Streep last night. During a word-association game, she revealed “I pray for Lindsay Lohan” (who she co-starred with in 2006’s “A Prairie Home Companion“), and she even admitted one of her own films is terrible. When asked to name a bad movie she’s made, she responded with “Still of the Night,” a 1982 crime thriller in which she played a mistress who gets involved with her dead lover’s psychiatrist, played by Roy Scheider. When Andy asked her what the movie was about, she said simply, “Never mind.” Somebody get this lady her own late-night talk show, stat.


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