“Hope Springs” – another review

New review about “Hope Springs” was published, you can read it below:

Meryl Streep will be returning to the Oscars next year — as a presenter, not as a nominee.

And, yes, it’s difficult to muster any measure of sympathy or outrage over a woman who has now won three Academy Awards and received 17 nominations. But the fact that Streep likely will be roundly ignored for her deeply felt turn in the domestic drama “Hope Springs” speaks volumes to the narrow range of movies and performances that academy members reward.

In “Hope Springs“, Streep plays Kay, a 60ish woman dissatisfied with her marriage after 31 years. Kay and husband Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) have fallen into a crippling rut. Conversation sticks to news and events. Sex is nonexistent and has been for a while. They occupy the same split-level house, but whatever emotional intimacy they once enjoyed has long left the building.

And Kay, a meek woman who has spent a lifetime deferring to her husband’s wishes, can’t take it anymore. She makes a rare demand — that Arnold accompany her to Maine to undertake some serious couples therapy. Arnold naturally pushes back. He can’t see the problem, though, deep (deep) down, he knows things aren’t right. So he acquiesces. And, contrary to the movie’s advertising, hilarity (for the most part) does not ensue.

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