Reviews, “Hope Springs”

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First review:

Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones co-star in David Frankel’s midlife romance.

More comedic drama than midlife romantic comedy, rather literally titled Hope Springs holds few surprises but delivers plenty of warmth. As endless fodder for pop-psychology publications and mid-afternoon TV shows, the topic of promoting passion and intimacy in long-term relationships holds a particular place not only in the current cultural zeitgeist, but also in the lives of millions of Americans, perhaps especially those attaining and surpassing middle age.

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Second review:

With Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones in terrific form as a quietly unhappy late middle age couple, “Hope Springs” is an odd but often very effective mix of mainstream romantic comedy and surprisingly hard-hitting – for a summer studio release – romantic drama. Though it won’t be easy to market, the film could strike a chord with the older demographic that has recently shown a willingness to turn out for relevant material featuring prestigious talent.

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Third review:

Misleadingly marketed so as to play up some of its cruder elements, “Hope Springs” is an altogether pleasant surprise: a mainstream dramedy that frankly and intelligently addresses the challenges facing a couple after 31 years of marriage. At once entirely accessible and quietly radical in its intimacy and directness, helmer David Frankel’s latest picture to weigh the comforts and dissatisfactions of domestic life wisely lets Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones carry a simple but deeply felt story like the pros they are. Sony should have no trouble enticing older audiences, and upbeat word of mouth could confer sleeper-hit status.

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Fourth review:

Last night I caught Hope Springs (Sony, 8.10), which is not what the trailers are selling — i.e., a chuckly, easy-going “comedy” about a 60ish straightlaced couple (Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones) rediscovering sex and romance through therapy. I would instead call it a modest, agreeably honest, dialogue-driven two-hander about…well, heart and trust and intimacy and such. And very well acted, especially by Streep.

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“Hope Springs”, a serious American adult drama about the complications of intimacy in a long-term marriage, wraps itself in the safety of a surface-y American comedy about an aging married couple fumbling with sex — the lack of it. The movie provides a master lesson in great American character acting, but viewers are also invited to just kick back and enjoy the fun of watching famous, aging movie stars pretend to have difficulties in the sack. Spectacularly well matched and attuned to each other, Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones offer two of the finest performances of the year. (Yes, Streep, again. And Jones is a revelation.) But you’d never know it from the silly trailer, with its nudge-nudge clips and vaudeville-size hints of a ”threesome.”

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