“Hope Springs” – Cast & Crew

Down below you can check out the cast of the movie:

Meryl Streep Kay
Tommy Lee Jones Arnold
Steve Carell Dr. Feld
Jean Smart Eileen, Kay’s Friend
Ben Rappaport Brad, Their Son
Marin Ireland Molly, Their Daughter
Patch Darragh Mark, Their Son-in-Law
Brett Rice Vince, Arnold’s Friend
Becky Ann Baker Cora, The Waitress
Elisabeth Shue Karen, The Bartender
Charles Techman Charlie, The Docent
Daniel Flaherty Danny, The Bookstore Clerk (as Daniel J. Flaherty)
Damian Young Mike, The Innkeeper
Mimi Rogers Carol, The Neighbor
Ann Harada Ann, The Happy Wife
Jack Haley Jack, The Happy Husband
Susan Misner Dana, Doctor Feld’s Wife
Rony Clanton Ronnie, The Taxi Driver
John Srednicki John, The Waiter
Madeline Ruskin Maddie, Brad’s Girlfriend
Lee Cunningham Lee, The Unhappy Wife
Paul Jude Letersky Paul, The Unhappy Husband (as Paul J. Letersky)
Rogina Bedell-O’Brien Rogina, The Exiting Patient
Stephen Lee Davis Steve, The Grocery Shopper
Kayla Ruhl Pedestrian
Jamie Christopher White Maine Fisherman
Anita Storr Beach goer wedding scene
John Franchi Driver
Bill Ladd Sam
Bob Dio Car Driver
Mary A. DeBriae disgusted Grocery Shopper
Rose Ciardiello Woman in Library
Alexis Tarasevich Bride
David Boston Man Walking on Beach (uncredited)
Amy Casey Airplane Passenger (uncredited)
Victor Franko Driver (uncredited)
Luis Sanchez Garbage Man (uncredited)

Here you can see the crew.


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