Happy 63rd birthday, Meryl Streep!

Before 63 years on June 22, 1949 on light appears Mary Louise Streep. She is widely regarded as one of the most talented and the greatest living actresses of all time. She grew up with the name Meryl Streep that is probably said over hundreds of times a day. The life couldn’t be the same if she hadn’t existed. She is an inspiration, she is the reason for people’s changing. She is the thoughts, the words, the day, the life for the audience (not only for the Streepers). She is a Godess, she makes the world a better place for everyong. With her presence on the scene you can feel how everything around you is changing, the whole spirit of the movie. She makes the movie alive, her characters have a soul. She illuminates, not only by her talent, but by her beauty, smile, kindness, genuine personality and the ability to deeply touch someone’s life. Happy Birthday, Meryl! We all love you!


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