“The Iron Lady” – Interview

I saw yesterday a short interview with Meryl in the Bulgarian version of the magazine “Biography”. I tried to find the whole article in the internet, but I couldn’t so I will try to translate it:

Meryl Streep: This time there was no way to be without make-up.

When you got your last Oscar you said at the stage that all this “Streep-obsession” had bored everyone…
Yes, and honestly I hoped that they will choose someone else. I am ready to leave place for the young talents. You can understand that I don’t aspire anymore for honors and awards – everything I wanted from this life I already have.
But the record for won Oscar awards isn’t beaten yet.
It is?! Someone has more than me, really?!
Yes, departed Kathrin Hepburn had 4.
I didn’t know. I already began thinking I am old and needless. And now I’ve got Oscar… But I can’t hide the fact that the feeling when you hear your name from the stage is really nice. At this moment everything around me becomes fog, I am feeling like young girl. But I thought how is possible to put us together?! 2 of the nominated are my close friends and the other 2 – they haven’t been born when I was on that ceremony for the first time. It is weird, isn’t it?
How did you feel when you was there for the first time than now?
Then and now – really happy. The difference is that in 1980 next to me was sitting my husband, next to him – Bet Davis, near us – Gregory Peck. In the bar was John Wain. 2 rows ahead was sitting Burt Lancaster. His head was so big that I couldn’t see anything in front of me. Yes… It was long ago.
Haven’t you been afraid of taking the role of Margaret Thatcher in “The iron lady”?
Honestly I was really nervous. Especially in the first shooting day. Though this is a big responsibility – to the personality, to the history. I don’t like to have much make-up, but now there was no way to be without it. The team that prepared me was thoroughly selected.
When for the first time there was a picture of you like baroness Thatcher, the breath of all had stopped.
I remember this moment too. We had only 2 shooting days and they’ve already wanted PR publications. 
You’ve worked with your stylist and make-up artist Roy Helland for 37 years.
Yes, we are together since we met each other in a theater on Broadway. He made my hair for the last Oscar ceremony – not very well, my bangs constantly was falling down… (Laughs) But I am very happy because together with Mark Coulier they got the golden statuette for make-up in “The iron lady” – especially the humble budget of the film ($14 000 000). We couldn’t let any relax! We’ve worked for 12 hours a day. And this is not just “Harry Poter”. It’s unbelievable how it is possible in these days to have an award for transformation one person in other although all these creatures flying around us… 
Is it true that you wear the same brand shoes as Margaret Thatcher?
Salvatore Ferragamo. She likes the same brand..


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