Meryl Streep attends Obama’s fundraising event

The president and first lady Michelle Obama made a rare joint fundraising appearance when they visited the home of actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. The intimate dinner banked about $2 million, with 50 people paying $40,000 each. Speaking in a dimly lighted art-filled room, Obama told supporters they would play a critical role in an election that would determine a vision for the nation’s future.

You’re the tie-breaker, you’re the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes.

Among the celebrities on hand to hear Obama’s remarks were Oscar winner Meryl Streep, fashion designer Michael Kors and Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who moderated a private question-and-answer session between the president and the guests. Broderick, who was starring in a Broadway musical, was absent.


2 thoughts on “Meryl Streep attends Obama’s fundraising event

  1. Boycott Meryl Streep’s “Hope Springs.” So tired of Obama crying about Republicans and their money. Look at these fundraisers…movie stars don’t have the time to research UN Agenda 21 which will put us all into slavery and Obama wants UN Agenda 21. Feed up with these big shots too dumb to know what they are doing. The only way to get stars to listen is to hurt them in the wallet. Boycott Hope Springs…..let Hollywood know that real Americans are paying attention…

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